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    Posted on Jul 9, 2017

    These Ladies Styled A Dude And Gave Him His Mojo Back

    This is kind of like a rebirth for him.

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    Our coworker Zach has recently gone through a lot of transformations. He's taken control of his health and his personal life, so (we figured) it was time he let Ladylike take control of his wardrobe! Behold:

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    They definitely had their reservations, mainly because...he's a BOY:

    BuzzFeed Ladylike

    But, in true LadyLike fashion, they rose to the challenge and GOT SHOPPING.

    BuzzFeed LadyLike

    Day 1 was Jen's outfit. She chose to put Zach in a purple and blue long sleeve polo and gray charcoal casual shorts. She topped off the look with white tennis shoes.

    Jon Premosch

    Everyone appreciated this casual outfit with a cool twist! zach said it was the one that got the most compliments throughout the week!

    Day 2 was Freddie's turn. She chose to mix and match some patterns, pairing a charcoal grey t-shirt with floral designs on it and some camo sneaker-moccassin hybrid shoes. She topped off the look with a green parka.

    Jon Premosch

    Overall, people agreed that Zach looked trendy and cute, but like he wasn't "overdoing it."

    Up next was Kristen. She described her look as "jurassic park chic." She chose a grey khaki skinny pant and a crisp white tank top with a camel button down to wear over it.

    Jon Premosch

    Zach was not feelin' the tanktop at first, but then it grew on him when he realized he could layer it. By the end of the day, everyone agreed he looked like a Park Ranger with style!

    Day 4 was Devin's day. She decided to take Zach out of his college bro days and into adulthood. She decided to dress him in a bowling shirt in a millennial pink, some fancy black loafers and some fresh new sunglasses.

    BuzzFeed LadyLike / Via Buzzfeed LadyLike

    This was the outfit he felt most "himself" in the whole week. Everyone agreed he looked really fresh, sharp and summery!

    The last day was Chantel's day! She styled him in a classic look with a white henley T shirt, dark wash jeans and a leather jacket.

    Jon Premosch

    Some people felt he looked super retro, and others were really feeling the ~lewk ~

    At the end of the week, Zach felt super confident and happy that he asked his female friends for help! Lady tested...Lady peacocked!

    BuzzFeed LadyLike


    Jon Premosch