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July 20, 2017

Which Of Ted Mosby's Girlfriends Are You?

Are you down-to-earth like Robin, or ~intense~ like Jeanette?

9 Celebrity #TBTs You Need To See This Week

Orlando Bloom sporting a frosted tipped mohawk kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

La gente está troleando a Martha Debayle y su #ExtremeMakeover con memes

Con el tiempo todo cambia... menos los memes, esos son eternos.

Si haces más de 10, de estas 17 cosas, felicidades, eres una drama queen

Lloras diario, a todas horas, por cualquier cosa y hasta en público.

This Mom's Fearless Selfie Strikes Back At Anyone Who Says C-Sections Are The Easy Way Out

"Try having a 6-inch gash in your abdomen like a gutted shark!"

35 Life Experiences Every Lesbian Knows All Too Well

I still don't know what a "lesbian haircut" is.

21 Celebrity Interview Moments That Make Me Highly Uncomfortable

"You have no talent." —Barbara Walters to the Kardashians

Estas foram as notícias falsas mais compartilhadas desde a condenação do Lula

É tudo mentira: Moro deitou a cabeça na Bíblia, Lula disse que é melhor que Deus e deputados farão renúncia coletiva.

Administration Allies Are Caught Between A Sessions–Trump Tension That Isn't Going Anywhere

Like children amid a bad divorce, allies don’t want to choose between the president and attorney general. But one thing is for sure — Trump’s anger towards Sessions is here to stay.

Vídeo viral de Lula sendo vaiado no aeroporto do Rio é FALSO

Montagem combina imagens de um vídeo com o áudio de outro, no qual manifestantes gritam "Lula ladrão seu lugar é na prisão". No original, apoiadores do ex-presidente entoam "Lula guerreiro do povo brasileiro".

Meatball Slider Bake

Gimme all the breaddddddd!

Este quiz de modales te dirá qué % de educado eres

¿Resplandecerías o, más bien, sacarías el cobre?

How Haim Became Rock's New Royalty

Music’s favorite all-sister trio on smashing genre divisions, the pop charts, and the patriarchy.

This Is Why Polish People Are Protesting To Defend Their Democracy

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the Law and Justice party commonly known as “the Chairman,” has said that Polish courts need a “radical reform” because they are “subordinate to foreign forces.”

Lanchonete retira placa em que negava comida para moradores de rua

Segundo o proprietário, o aviso estava lá temporariamente para inibir a ação de moradores de uma ocupação próxima ao estabelecimento.

A Woman Shared Her Epic Fart Story On Facebook And It’ll Give You Secondhand Embarrassment

"I'm thinking, do I leave? Do I leave the country? Is this happening??"

Try To Rent An Apartment In These Canadian Cities Without Overpaying

Guess the average rental cost for each of these places.

Você é mais vaidosa ou mais desencanada?

Maravilhosa você já é de qualquer jeito.

Teens Wore Quinceañera Dresses To Protest Texas' Immigration Law

The best dressed protesters you've ever seen.

19 Poderosas imágenes de las calles de Venezuela desoladas durante el Paro Cívico

Miles de venezolanos decidieron no salir a las calles como protesta ante el gobierno.

76 posts do BuzzFeed para cuidar da sua saúde mental

Para te ajudar nas horas mais difíceis.

This Is Exactly Why Dudes Hate Shopping

First step: have a plan.

Cheesy Chicken Rolled Tacos

Roll these bad boys up for dinner tonight!

11 Bits Of News That If You Told A Person In The '90s About It Would Blow Their Minds

So, about that famous football player from the Naked Gun movies.

People Are Sharing The Most Adorable Pics Of Their Adopted Pets After This Teen Tweeted About Shelters

"Got my precious fur baby for $20 off of Craigslist and he's the greatest cat in the world."

38 Cositas que toda mujer encuentra profundamente satisfactorias

Descubrir que un vestido tiene bolsillos.

29 Of The Cutest Celebrity & Dog Duos

"Who let the dogs out?"

Only A Literary Nerd Will Know Which Books These Authors Did Not Write

Time to put your literary skills to the test.

Which YouTuber Are You?

They're all great tbh.

Remembering Linkin Park's Chester Bennington In Pictures

The Linkin Park singer died on Thursday of an apparent suicide.

Rather Than Just Hiding Extremist Videos, YouTube Will Offer Anti-Extremist Results

After calls from British Prime Minister Theresa May to do more to fight extremism, YouTube is trying a counter-extremism technique called the Redirect Method.

Louis Tomlinson se puso misterioso en sus redes sociales y las 'directioners' están nadando en teorías

Por si las dudas, vamos prendiendo la veladora para que venga a México.

Spend A Bunch Of Money On Makeup And We'll Tell You Which "Riverdale" Girl You Are

"I learned that from the Nancy Drew detective handbook.”

Scenes From A Thrilling Afternoon On Amazon's New Social Network, Spark

Look out, Instagram. Amazon's copycat is coming for you.'ll probably be fine.

16 One-Pot Dinners That Are Actually Healthy

Because easy and good-for-you don't have to be mutually exclusive.

This Amateur Photographer Shoutout Has Been Turned Into A Huge Meme

A quick RT could really help get my name out there. Thank you so much for the support.

This Politician Has The Most Savage Twitter Account Ever

Give these tweets some RTs like Norm tosses Ls to haters.

52 Increíbles tatuajes inspirados en libros que querrás hacerte de inmediato

Deja que tus historias favoritas estén a flor de piel. (Literalmente).

Go On A Shopping Spree And We'll Tell You Which TV 'It' Girl You Are

"Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop." - (Queen) Blair Waldorf

A melhor coisa do inverno chegou: os bonecos de neve brasileiros

Está no ar a nova temporada da página Bonecos de Neves Brasileiros.

Morale Is Low At The Justice Department As Trump Again Attacks Jeff Sessions

President Trump once again lashed out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his number two, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The mood at DOJ right now is “sober resignation,” one current attorney told BuzzFeed News.

Artists Remember Linkin Park's Chester Bennington On Social Media

Artists shared their shock and sorrow and paid tribute to the iconic rock singer, who died Thursday of an apparent suicide.

Quão perfeito você é?

Prove que você merece uma vaga no céu.

Kesha Opened Up About "Praying" And Her Upcoming Album A New Behind The Scenes Video

"The people that have hurt me most in my life, I actually pray for them because it helps me heal."

What Song Did You Finally Realize You've Been Singing Wrong All Along?

"Tape my ham / We're naked I swear / Whoa, lemon on a pear!"

Inside The Scariest Show On Broadway

1984 is shocking audiences with its depiction of torture — but the real horrors of the production run deeper than that.

Fãs brasileiros lamentam morte de Chester, vocalista do Linkin Park

O cantor Chester Bennington foi encontrado morto em sua casa hoje em Los Angeles. Ele morreu no dia do aniversário do amigo Chris Cornell, que se matou em maio.

So, This "Home Alone" Fan Theory Says That Kevin's Mom Is Definitely Going To Hell

Hey, did you know that Satan himself is in Home Alone?

What % Kim Kardashian Are You?

Kardashian for life, baby.

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Is Dead At 41

The Los Angeles County coroner told BuzzFeed News the singer's death is being investigated as a suicide.

Troubled Colleges Rebrand Under Faux-Latin Names

Everest College is now "Altierus." DeVry Education Group is now "Adtalem."

Lena Dunham Will Be Joining The Cast Of "American Horror Story" For The Seventh Season

There were a lot of ~mixed~ reactions to the news on Twitter.

This Imaginary All-Black Reboot Of "Hocus Pocus" Is What The World Needs Right Now

Can someone please get Ava DuVernay on the phone to make this happen?

Chester Bennington de Linkin Park muere a los 41 años

Los fans de la banda y el mundo de la música están mostrando su dolor a través de las redes sociales.

More Foreign Workers Requested By Trump's Mar-A-Lago

It’s Made in America Week at the White House, but Mar-A-Lago and a nearby Trump National Golf Club have told the Department of Labor that there aren’t enough Americans to hire. These two Trump properties have now requested more than 230 foreign workers since he launched his presidential campaign.

10 séries de temporadas longas para ver com o mozão no começo do namoro

Só série longa pro relacionamento durar bastante.

Morre Marco Aurélio Garcia, influente conselheiro de Lula

Historiador da Unicamp integrou cúpula dos governos Lula e Dilma e era um dos responsáveis pela relação do governo petista com os países da América Latina.

26 Really Weird Products You'll Want To Buy Immediately

For instance, The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story and a bacon-scented stick-on mustache.

We Spoke To Women Who Married Into ISIS In Syria. These Are Their Regrets.

“We were looking for paradise but all we got was hell.”

¿Puedes reconocer si es un combate de la UFC o una porno gay?

Posiciones incómodas y torsos desnudos a continuación.

7 Nifty Tutorials That Will Help You Get Every Kind Of Stain Out

Raise your hand if you wish it was fashionable to wear bibs at lunch.

26 Amazing Hair Products Under $10 You'll Want To Buy ASAP

Hair is obviously your crown and glory, but it doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to make it look good!

39 problemas reais que quase todas as garotas com cabelo fino já passaram

Ficar sem lavar o cabelo por três dias e parecer que você mergulhou a cabeça em um balde de óleo.

This Is What It's Like Being A Man With An Eating Disorder

Men also share their experiences with self-esteem issues, overbearing family members and partners, and anxiety and depression.

This Beauty Vlogger Proved That Makeup's Darkest Shades Still Aren't Dark Enough

Hey, beauty companies! You know dark-skinned people love makeup too, right?!

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The 13th Doctor

Do you remember her from the first season of Black Mirror?

10 dilemas sobre relacionamentos impossíveis de responder

Ainda bem que é só um teste do BuzzFeed.

Here's What You Need To Know About John McCain's Very “Aggressive” Cancer

Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer, afflicts about 12,000 people nationwide every year.

Twitter Is Dragging This Beauty Blogger After She Referred To Asians As “Ching Chongs"

"Many of us don't always understand the 'Ching Chongs' with the black hair and the funny clothes."

These Comics Are Perfect For Anyone Interviewing For A Job

Where do you see yourself in five years?

39 experiências com a depilação que a maioria das garotas já teve

Raspar as pernas, terminar e depois perceber que deixou de depilar uma boa quantidade de pelos nos joelhos.

The Senate Just Confirmed Trump's Controversial Blogging Nominee To A Federal Appeals Court

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Kentucky lawyer John Bush to a federal appeals court, over objections from Democrats and civil rights groups that his pseudonymous blogging and other public comments made him unfit for the job.

A Black Woman Who Took Her Own Life In Prison Wasn't Given The Mental Health Support She Needed

Critics said Sarah Reed's death was "a result of multi-agency failures to protect a woman in crisis".

These Overnight Oats Make The Perfect Grab And Go Healthy Breakfast

'Cause ain't nobody got time to make breakfast in the morning.

Here's How Much The Apartments In Your Favorite Rom-Coms Actually Cost

For anyone who can't help but wonder how expensive Carrie and Big's dream apartment is.

23 Times Tom Holland Was Too Precious For This World

Probably the sweetest Spider-Man ever.

30 Awesome Things To Buy At The Urban Outfitters Home Sale

25% off bedding, tapestries, and more!

Japanese Psychiatric Hospital Staff Deny Wrongdoing In Sudden Death Of New Zealand Teacher

Kelly Savage was placed in a private room which was lockable from the outside, and laid on a bed with restraints on his legs, hips, and wrists. Savage's family believes he spent days with his legs and hips restrained.

This Is Why Everyone In The Russia Story Keeps Talking About Adoptions

When you hear "Russia" and "adoptions" the real story isn't the children — it's US sanctions.

This Is Why It’s A Bad Idea To Have A Lady Doctor Who

Doctor Who isn’t the first science-fiction or fantasy franchise to mess around with a good formula by replacing a man with a lady. Let’s take a quick look at how that’s worked out in the past ...

Which Celebrity Hasn't Appeared As An Extra In "Game Of Thrones"?

There's been a lot of cameos sneaked into the show. But who hasn't yet appeared?

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on an odor eliminator, powder brushes, lunch tote, and more!

Which Character From "Quantico" Are You?

Let's see if you get your favorite.

Doria vai para o Nordeste, onde é desconhecido por metade do eleitorado

Sem dizer que é candidato a presidente, prefeito de SP faz agenda em região onde Lula ainda reina.

How Well Do You Remember The US State Names?

How well do you really know the names of the states?

This Woman Shared What It's Really Like "To Fly While Very Fat" And It's Heartbreaking

"No matter what happens, if someone complains, my body will be discussed loudly, without regard for who hears it."

So wird dein Sommer WIRKLICH werden

Erwartung vs. Realität

The Trump Administration Wants To Loosen Bear Hunting Rules In Alaska Parks

The Interior Department has asked the National Park Service to reconsider hunting rules on Alaska park lands.

¿Eres un comensal aventurero de verdad?

No se permiten comensales quisquillosos.

Two Of The Six African Teens Reported Missing After A Robotics Competition In DC Went To Canada

The teens traveled from Burundi to DC for an international robotics competition. The organizer indicated that their absence may have been "self-initiated."

16 "Compliments" You Should Stop Giving To Single Women

"How has nobody snatched you up yet?!"

I'm An Autistic Lesbian, And No, I Don't Wish I Were "Normal"

Why should I want to like men? Why should I wish my brain worked like everyone else’s?

The Department Of Justice Just Shut Down The Biggest Illegal Drugs Marketplace In Internet History

AlphaBay hosted hundreds of thousands of listings for drugs, guns, fake identity documents, and more.

17 Memes que sólo van a hacer reír a las personas que tienen hijos

Si sabes que la peor historia de terror es tratar de cortarle las uñas a un bebé, bienvenido.

Desenhamos para você quanto plástico a humanidade produziu desde 1950

Pesquisa recém-publicada afirma que 8,3 bilhões de toneladas de plástico foram produzidas pelo homem — das quais apenas 7,2% (600 milhões de toneladas) foram recicladas. E o cenário pode piorar, dizem os autores.

Pick Some Baby Names And We'll Tell You About Your Firstborn Child

Who knew that predicting the future could be so easy?

Ey, diese Avocado-Desserts sind ja mal sowas von lecker

Wir können Avocado offiziell zu allem hinzugeben.

AfD-Kreisverband vergleicht Heiko Maas mit Heinrich Himmler

Lässt sich Bundesjustizminister Heiko Maas mit SS-Chef Heinrich Himmler vergleichen? Die AfD in Sachsen-Anhalt findet: schon. Als BuzzFeed News Fragen dazu stellt, wird der Tweet gelöscht.

26 Pieces Of Home Decor Under $50 That Look Expensive

For people with Restoration Hardware taste on an Ace Hardware budget.

Here Are A Bunch Of Dinner-Worthy Salads With No Lettuce At All

Less lettuce and more of the good stuff.

Photosets Test

Photosets Test

35 Amazing Things You Can Buy At The Zappos Rewards Sale

There are over 40,000 items on sale from now until August 5th!

21 TV Shows Every Woman Needs To Watch

Because girl power is everything.

If You've Eaten 32/46 Foods On This List You're Definitely From Glasgow

Are you eating a stonner kebab right now? If not, why not?

The EU Has Told Britain To Make Clear How It Thinks The Brexit Divorce Bill Should Be Agreed

“The first round [of talks] was about organisation, the second was about presentation, and the next must be about clarification,” said Michel Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator.

Leute haben uns ihre Sextoy-Horrorstorys erzählt. Sei froh, dass dir das nicht passiert ist.

"Meine Mama hat meinen Klitoris-Stimulator für ein Gesichtsmassage-Gerät gehalten."

Falls dir in Pommes zu viel Gemüse steckt, mach einfach Hähnchen-Pommes

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!

If You've Had Most Of These Annoying Subway Experiences, You're A True New Yorker

This checklist is for everyone just having the time of their lives on the rapidly declining NYC subway system!

Pack mal diese Garnelen-Ananas-Spieße auf dem Grill, schmeckt mega

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

So, Strohhalme raus, jetzt gibt's Frozen Sangria

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

Here's What We Learned About The Grenfell Fire Investigation From The Latest Police Briefing

"This is one of the most complex recovery operations certainly many of us in the UK have seen," the Met's deputy commissioner said.

Si tus frases favoritas del trap fuesen posters motivacionales

Tengo todos los trucos pa' engatusarte.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Clinique, Firebox, Finish Line, and more!

16 Batshit Scottish Things That Confuse The Fuck Out Of New Zealanders

Kiwis visiting Scotland find some things find pretty fucking weird tbh.

Which "Love Island" Boy Should Be Your Boyfriend?

Time to crash the villa and get yo' man.

14 Things You've Gotta Know About Ram Nath Kovind, India's New President

Kovind is now the 14th elected president of India.

Can You Score 12/12 On This Annoying Geography Wordsearch Quiz?

First you have to know the answer. Then you have to find it.

How Much Of A Dog Expert Are You Really?

There are loads of dog breeds, so don't worry if you can't quite get them all.

9 façons de faire l'amour que tous les couples ensemble depuis au moins deux ans ont déjà connues

Au bout d'un moment, on finit par ne vraiment plus se soucier de l'haleine du matin.

19 Beweise, dass Deutsch eine seltsame, aber auch grandiose Sprache ist

Levels of German language proficiency: „Can understand Jan Delay”

O.J. Simpson Is Granted Parole After Nine Years In Prison For Robbery

The former football star was convicted for orchestrating an armed robbery of his sports memorabilia in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2007.

People Are Sharing This Powerful Speech From The Man Who Warned That Grenfell Was A Tragedy Waiting To Happen

"The way you treated our community groups with contempt was despicable," Grenfell survivor Edward Daffarn told the newly appointed council leader.

Violences policières: plusieurs femmes mettent en cause le commissariat de Mantes-la-Jolie

Info BuzzFeed - Plusieurs femmes, dans des affaires distinctes, assurent qu'elles ont été victimes de violences policières à Mantes-la-Jolie au cours des dernières semaines. Dans deux cas, le procureur de Versailles a été alerté. Dans le 3e, les victimes disent que les policiers ont refusé de prendre leur plainte.



How Normal Are Your "Game Of Thrones" Opinions?


17 faits historiques sur l'accouchement qui vont sacrément vous faire grimacer

Avant, les femmes enceintes buvaient de la bière pendant l'accouchement.

¿Podemos adivinar tu edad según tus gustos sobre Mediaset?

Telecinco y Cuatro son nuestras cartas del tarot.

This Guy's Love Of Mads Mikkelsen Is Scarily Adorable

This is the type of love we all deserve.

「デコメじゃん!」LINE新機能がガラケー世代を直撃 狙って作ったの?を聞いてみた


Wenn du 29/41 dieser Dinge tust, dann bist du in echt eine Oma in ihren Zwanzigern

Ist um 11 Uhr abends ins Bett gehen schon viel zu spät?



15 personnes qui mettent le «Bullet Journal» à un niveau supérieur

Et vont vous donner envie de commencer un BuJo.

18 Modegötter für Übergrößen, bei denen du laut "YASSSS!!!" rufst

Weil sich Mode um dich dreht und nicht um deine Figur.

15 Lebensmittel-Fakten, die schwer zu glauben, aber tatsächlich wahr sind

Die Welt ist ein seltsamer und köstlicher Ort.

Flash Briefing For July 20, 2017

Here's everything you need to know about summer movies.

The Tories' Big-Money Backers Are Furious And Want A New Leader Who Can Beat Jeremy Corbyn

Tensions will come to a head at the party's annual conference this autumn, party insiders told BuzzFeed News.

A Uniqlo Assistant Told A Customer To Leave After She Kissed Her Girlfriend In The Changing Room

"Homophobia is truly alive and kicking," customer Amy Ashenden told BuzzFeed News.

串カツ田中のチンチロリンが進化! 知多ハイボールも対象に






Euron's Gift For Cersei On "Game Of Thrones" Could Be A Massive Plot Twist

Here are some theories. Warning: Contains spoilers for the Season 7 premiere.

This Is What Sex Workers Actually Think Of The "Uber" App For Their Industry

"Let's not pretend there's any way to remove risk from sex work."



Which "Bananas In Pyjamas" Character Are You?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B1?

Aboriginal People Already Knew It And Science Has Proven They Have Been Here For 65 000 Years

The study also found Aboriginal people lived with megafauna for much longer than previously thought.

佐々木希が難役「性依存症」の妻 心と身体の二律背反描く


This Entire School Community Worked Together To Give A Terminally Ill Teenager Her Dream Formal

"At the end of the night, she said 'I just don’t want it to end'."

This Country Just Became The First In The World To Legally Sell Marijuana For Recreational Use

Recreational weed can be purchased from the South American country's pharmacies for about $1.30 a gram.

いくつあてはまる? 旅好きの人の特徴15コ


Plan A McDonald's Birthday Party And We'll Tell You Your Job

Because everyone knows what happened at your seventh birthday party affects the rest of your life.

Put Together An Ice Cream Sundae And We'll Give You A Show To Watch This Weekend

Because you'll need something to eat while you binge-watch.



「安倍さんの改憲案? 筋が悪くてひどい」、東大教授が首相を一刀両断する理由


Choose Some Makeup And We'll Tell You What Hair Colour To Try Next

*Immediately runs to hairdresser with inspo pics*

We Know Which "Tetris" Piece You Are

Doot doodaloo do do do da do doo, doot doodaloo do da doot doot doo.

Sen. John McCain Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

The senior senator from Arizona and two-time presidential candidate announced the diagnosis Wednesday. The news prompted an outpouring of support.

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