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    Updated on Aug 4, 2019. Posted on Jul 10, 2017

    24 Pictures That Will Take You Right Back To Your Elementary School Cafeteria

    Gushers galore.

    1. The Holy Grail of the cafeteria: the Lunchable.

    2. That sweet, beautiful, cardboardy pizza:

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    Preferably eaten cold.

    3. Glorious.

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    The perfect combo.

    4. And of course, nothing was better than pizza day:

    5. Complete with everyone's favorite pizza side dish, chocolate milk:

    6. But you knew you were in for a treat if you saw some of these bad boys on your tray:

    7. Or, Lord almighty, one of these cheese-and-bread sticks:

    8. And of course, none of those dishes are complete without a small barrel of sugary juice:

    9. But lunch wasn't truly LUNCH without one of these beautiful, beautiful tubs:

    10. The mark of any good day:

    11. Well, that and the Cosmic Brownie:

    12. Or the Cosmic Brownie's cousin, Zebra Cakes:

    13. Plus these, which were definitely healthy because they had oatmeal in them:

    14. But if you weren't feeling vanilla ice cream, you could always get your buzz on with a little Flintstones action:

    15. Those wonderful, wonderful Push-Up Pops:

    16. Or these (also definitely very healthy) fruit bars:

    17. And can we talk about Gushers? This stuff was lunchroom currency:

    18. And, of course, Gushers' stepbrother, Fruit by the Foot:

    19. You knew the day was a special one if you had a Trix yogurt up in that lunchbox:

    20. Or some shark gummies (preferably with more white-flavored ones):

    21. Or some fruit in STRING form?

    22. And, of course, who could forget these glorified chocolate bars:

    23. But is there anything more '90s lunchbox than EZ cheeze?

    24. Well, maybe one thing: beautiful, gorgeous square pizza:

    Twitter: @LaceyKCBD

    She's a beaut.