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24 Pictures That Will Take You Right Back To Your Elementary School Cafeteria

Gushers galore.

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1. The Holy Grail of the cafeteria: the Lunchable.

2. That sweet, beautiful, cardboardy pizza:

Preferably eaten cold.
Twitter: @martinthegrate

Preferably eaten cold.

3. Glorious.

The perfect combo.
Twitter: @ItsStarterPacks

The perfect combo.

4. And of course, nothing was better than pizza day:

5. Complete with everyone's favorite pizza side dish, chocolate milk:

6. But you knew you were in for a treat if you saw some of these bad boys on your tray:

7. Or, Lord almighty, one of these cheese-and-bread sticks:


8. And of course, none of those dishes are complete without a small barrel of sugary juice:

9. But lunch wasn't truly LUNCH without one of these beautiful, beautiful tubs:

10. The mark of any good day:

11. Well, that and the Cosmic Brownie:

12. Or the Cosmic Brownie's cousin, Zebra Cakes:

13. Plus these, which were definitely healthy because they had oatmeal in them:

14. But if you weren't feeling vanilla ice cream, you could always get your buzz on with a little Flintstones action:

15. Those wonderful, wonderful Push-Up Pops:

16. Or these (also definitely very healthy) fruit bars:

17. And can we talk about Gushers? This stuff was lunchroom currency:

18. And, of course, Gushers' stepbrother, Fruit by the Foot:

19. You knew the day was a special one if you had a Trix yogurt up in that lunchbox:

20. Or some shark gummies (preferably with more white-flavored ones):

21. Or some fruit in STRING form?

22. And, of course, who could forget these glorified chocolate bars:

23. But is there anything more '90s lunchbox than EZ cheeze?

24. Well, maybe one thing: beautiful, gorgeous square pizza:

She's a beaut.
Twitter: @LaceyKCBD

She's a beaut.

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