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    21 Smart AF Products That’ll Make Your Life Better

    They're truly genius.

    1. A Seyvr Power Wallet that packs a battery and built-in charger cable into a sleek package that’ll fit comfortably in your pocket.

    2. A Van Heusen MagnaClick dress shirt with hidden magnetic closures so you’ll never have to deal with dramatic buttons again.

    3. A motion-activated LumiLux toilet night light to add some serious attitude to your bathroom — and keep you from running into the wall.

    4. A T-fal OptiGrill, which uses sensors to determine how many items are on the grill and adjusts the temperature and cooking time based on their thickness.

    5. A Rocketbook Wave smart notebook you can toss into the microwave to erase your pages and use your book again — taking your journaling to Jetsons levels of greatness.

    6. An app-controlled Perfect Bake Pro scale to transform your kitchen into the best bakery in town.

    7. An Oliso smart iron, which features scorch guards that lift when you touch them and drop back down once you remove your hands from the iron.

    8. A cute Triby smart speaker you can connect to your Amazon Alexa Voice Service to control devices in your home, check the weather, and play music.

    9. A Quirky Egg Minder so you can monitor the freshness of your eggs and keep track of how many you have in your fridge.

    10. A Black & Decker digital toaster oven that can complete just about any task a conventional oven can — including baking, broiling, and defrosting.

    11. A self-charging Eufy RoboVac so you can keep your home clean without the hassle of a traditional vacuum's cords, bags, and attachments.

    12. Or if you prefer more control over your vacuuming experience, a Hoover React QuickLift vacuum that automatically adjusts to chaining floor types.

    13. A Petnet SmartFeeder to create a food schedule for your pet and personalize food portions.

    14. A Mr. Coffee Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker to start brewing your morning coffee while you're still cozy in bed.

    15. A Perfect Drink Pro so you can be the baddest bartender at your party thanks to a scale and app that automatically weighs ingredients as you pour.

    16. A battery-powered GeniCan to easily create a shopping list out of the items you throw in the trash.

    17. An epic BlueSmart suitcase so you can lock and unlock your suitcase from your phone and weigh your baggage with a built-in scale.

    18. A HAPIfork to track and monitor eating habits and keep you from eating too fast.

    19. A KeyMe key so you can save and quickly copy your keys with the click of a button — and avoid the headache of an annoying lockout.

    20. A SmartPlate that uses artificial intelligence and photo recognition technology to identify, analyze, and track your meals.

    21. And finally, if you are really about that juicing life, invest some major coins in a Juicero Press to make cold-pressed juice straight from the comfort of your kitchen.

    Your life has officially been upgraded.

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