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    All The Products You Need To Get A Great Workout At Home

    As told by an Ironwoman.

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    This is my sister, Caroline, eight-time Ironman.

    All this to say: my sister is way cooler than I am, and fit AF.

    She also likes staying home (so relatable!) and travels a lot for work, so I asked her what equipment is essential for working out, both at home and on the road.

    1. Resistance bands, which harness the awesome power of rubber bands to tone and strengthen.

    2. A BOSU balance ball, which makes every exercise—and your core—harder.

    3. Comfy workout gear that makes you feel like a badass. A really comfortable badass. Who also loves brunch.

    4. A jump rope, for cardio you can do literally anywhere.

    Don't skip workouts. Work out while skipping!

    5. A running belt that will hold everything you need to make you hate running (slighly) less.

    6. A good set of rubber dumbells that won't gouge out wood floors.

    7. A physioball, the exercise ball that's like a chair for people who want really strong abs.

    8. A foam roller, which works both to soothe tight muscles and to make them sore again.

    9. A foam floor mat, so you can jump, plank, and crunch on any surface without disturbing your neighbors.

    10. And a yoga mat, for portable ~flow~.

    11. An indoor bike trainer, so you can ride your bike in any weather (while watching Netflix).

    12. A medicine ball, which will HIIT you right where it hurts (the core).

    13. A spiky massage ball, which will work out your exercise- or desk job-induced knots.

    14. A Fitbit, for tracking all the data essential to your exercise success.

    Netflix and train, anyone?