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Parents, Share Your Kid's Most Surprisingly Amazing Invention

Sometimes kids can really impress you — you know, when they're not whining for a snack.

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Sure, kids can be clueless and need help finding their shoes (even when they’re RIGHT. FLIPPING. THERE!), but other times they think up stuff that can seriously impress you!

Like this kid inventor who solved the problem many bikers suffer from — needing a snack mid ride! 😂


Or maybe your kid came up with something REALLY impressive, like these legendary inventions made by actual kids: The popsicle, the trampoline, Braille, and ear muffs!

Whatever your kid came up with, we want to see it! Upload a video of your kid showing off their invention (and saying their name and age) to the Dropbox below, and it could appear in a future BuzzFeed video!

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