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    Our Coworker Lost Her Cat So We Organized A Cat Search Party At Lunch And Found Him

    On this episode of CAT DETECTIVE.

    On Wednesday morning, I woke up to the news that my coworker Kelsey's cat, Leo, had gotten out of her house while she was out of town. Leo is an indoor cat who had never been outside, and had been missing since Tuesday night, so we were obviously very worried.

    I sent Kelsey a text asking what I could do to help, and she asked if I could reach out to the BuzzFeed office and just ask people to keep an eye out for Leo, since she lives pretty close to our office. So, I did....

    ...And because people who work at BuzzFeed are generally wonderful people and also LOVE animals, my coworkers immediately started replying back with tips and offering to help in any way they could. One person even quickly made up signs for people to print out!

    Before I could even refresh my emails, one of my coworkers had decided she would spend her lunch break walking around Hollywood searching for Leo.

    And quickly, others jumped on board!

    Before I knew it, a LITERAL lunchtime cat search party had formed and they were determined to find Kelsey's missing cat!

    The search party was even complete with donated treats to lure sweet Leo home.

    Just before 12:30, our heroic lunchtime search party team hit the streets of Hollywood and I KID YOU FUCKING NOT 10 MINUTES LATER I GOT THIS GCHAT:


    This is one of the pictures we sent to Kelsey to confirm this little beaut was, in fact, Leo!

    According to our cat detective herself, she was walking around a nearby building when she spotted a dead rat — clue #1. In Kate's own words:

    After giving Leo a little time to warm up to her, Kate, and several other coworkers who had since showed up to help, were able to successfully deliver Leo back home to Kelsey's roommate!


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