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19 Times Handwriting Practically Made You Orgasm

*buys a calligraphy set in hopes of being this good*

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2. This relaxing gold block lettering.

Instagram: @jonathanfaust

3. This incredibly fancy calligraphy.

Instagram: @misterkams

4. This calming curly calligraphy.

Instagram: @blackchalkco

5. This beautiful glittery figure 8.

Instagram: @charlartscript

7. This captivating calligraphy.

Instagram: @lovely

9. This beautifully hypnotizing calligraphy.

Instagram: @calligraphybybrenna

11. This incredibly elegant lettering.

Instagram: @jiltforfame

12. This very accurate and mesmerizing calligraphy.

Instagram: @piecescalligraphy

13. This extremely soothing work of art.

Instagram: @na7tdesigns

14. This gorgeous motivational message.

Instagram: @andherletters

15. This soothing blue sparkle.

Instagram: @shun

16. This kind of trippy but equally relaxing "&".

Instagram: @jonathanfaust

17. This beautifully hypnotizing calligraphy.

Instagram: @meredith

18. This intricate but satisfying lettering.

Instagram: @shannonroberts19

19. And finally, this mesmerising masterpiece.

Instagram: @artsynibs