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    21 Reasons Why You Should Put Amsterdam On Your Travel Bucket-List

    It's one 'dam perfect city.

    1. Amsterdam is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the entire world.

    2. In fact, 86% of permanent residents are fluent in two or more languages.

    3. And that cultural diversity equals an amazing food scene.

    4. Even the pizza rivals what you'll find in Italy.

    5. There's also an entire museum devoted to cheese.

    6. And free samples of cheese everywhere you look.

    7. But let's not overlook Dutch food itself.

    8. Pancakes are a perfectly acceptable meal... any time of day.

    9. And poffertjes = the best.

    10. Amsterdam is super progressive.

    11. It's the bicycle capital of the world...

    12. Even during the snowy winter months.

    13. Actually, there are more bikes than there are people.

    14. The houses along the canal look straight out of a storybook.

    15. But not everyone lives on land.

    16. Farmer's markets are all over the place.

    17. Amsterdam is also home to the world's only floating flower market.

    18. There are over 160 coffeeshops around the city.

    19. You may even recognize one of them from the big screen.

    20. There are also literal weed menus.

    21. All in all? No matter what season you visit Amsterdam...

    It's impossibly beautiful.

    22. BRB, booking my ticket!

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