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    Posted on Jul 13, 2017

    15 Photos Of Celebrities Eating Fries That'll Leave You Shook

    This is a hate-free zone, so hold the salt.

    1. This photo of Rihanna having ~wild thoughts~ while enjoying a fry.

    Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images

    Some like their fries nakey, nakey, but Rih loves hers with a dab of ketchup.

    2. This literal work of art of Zendaya pretty much making out with a fry.

    Rich Polk / Getty Images

    @ anyone who works in the MOMA, put this in your museum now, you flops.

    3. This #moment of Nancy Pelosi taking a bite of crunchy, fried goodness.

    Pool / Getty Images

    Tag yourself: I'm everyone in the photo eating food to distract themselves from today's world events.

    4. Or this ~Kodak capture~ of President Obama literally having one fry because he deserves it.

    Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images

    "Same, Nancy" —Obama, probably.

    5. This gag-worthy picture of former Miss America Jennifer Barry teaching the girls about the proper dining ware when eating fries.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    Legends only.

    6. This day in LGBT history when Clay Aiken officially proclaimed fries as the fast food option of the gays.

    Giulio Marcocchi / Getty Images

    I remember exactly where I was when this happened, TBH.

    7. This monumental event of Danish model Nina Agdal trying "Ramen fries."

    David Becker / Getty Images

    I don't know what Ramen fries are, but Nina did THAT.

    8. This innovative depiction of Jonathan Cheban eating fries AND a burger.


    Note the basket used to hold his golden babies in, it's probably insured for $10,000.

    9. This vignette of Ray J fancying a bowl of crisps.


    Those fries look better than the sneakers he's rocking.

    10. This iconique portrait of Rosario Dawson balancing fries, ketchup, and a drink!!!!!


    Inventor of balancing common items better than I balance everyday responsibilities.

    11. This frame of Cara Delevingne refusing to share. Same.


    Queen of forgetting the most basic rule in kindergarten.

    12. This shot of Camila Cabello showing us how to pose and eat.


    We're all crying in the club because of how shook this photo leaves us.

    13. This masterpiece of Kendall Jenner being a ~normal~ girl eating fries out of a tin dish.


    Jennifer Lawrence is shaking.

    14. This display of ~true love~ between John Travola and his canola oil-kissed baes.

    This is better than most of our own love lives if we're being honest.

    15. And this photo of Kanye eating fries bc he loves fries more than Kanye loves Kanye.


    Ye: King of fries

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