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This Guy Made His Puppy Clean Up Her Mess And People Have Thoughts

"She gotta start learning what comes after the fun."

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This is Adrian Thomas. He's 24 years old and lives in Houston. About two months ago, Adrian bought a three-month-old Rottweiler puppy and named her Luna.


Here she is, being adorable:

On Sunday, Thomas was heading out for the day and noticed Luna had made a bit of a mess, tearing up toilet paper in the bathroom.

So, in an effort to teach Luna "what comes after the fun" he helped her clean everything up.

She gotta start learning what comes after the fun

Thomas told BuzzFeed News he originally recorded it for an Instagram account he had made for Luna, but after he tweeted the video as well "it didn't take long to start doing the numbers."

The video absolutely blew up on Twitter, and so far is sitting at over 100,000 retweets. People have plenty of thoughts.

@AdzHtx She is so very over it like

@AdzHtx That's it we're making Kilo do this now 😂😂😂 @esb_0873


@AdzHtx @pretty__boi__ you have to correct them in action or else they will think it is a game. little tip

"I got a lot of people mad saying it's abuse and it doesn't work, but I mean it's been a few days since then and she hasn't made a mess yet, so maybe she did learn a lesson," said Thomas.

Some tweeted about their own pets' attacks on toilet paper. Totally normal stuff.

@AdzHtx Guess it's not only my dog who loves to rip up toilet paper 😂


"The hype has died down as fast as it started," said Thomas. "All my friends say I'm famous, but I'm really not since I wasn't in the video."

Thomas says he now plans to keep filming Luna as she grows up.

"I'm going to see what else I can come up with," he said.

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