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    Ranking The Possible Chosen Ones On "Game Of Thrones", From Least To Most Likely

    It's definitely Ser Pounce.

    OK, Game of Thrones fans, it looks like we might actually find out who the prince who was promised is before Season 7 is over. There was a bit of talk about it in Episode 2, including a helpful gender clarification from Missandei.

    Combined with this shot of Gilly reading a book that seems to be about Azor Ahai, it's likely these clues will come to fruition sooner rather than later.

    For those a little hazy on the details: Azor Ahai/the prince who was promised is a mythical figure who fought against the darkness in the past, and is prophesied to be reborn to save the world once again.

    There are A LOT of theories about who this saviour will be in Game of Thrones, so we thought we'd rank them from least likely to most likely.

    12. Ser Pounce

    11. No One

    10. Ser Jorah

    9. The Hound

    8. Jaime Lannister

    7. Ser Davos

    6. Beric Dondarrion

    5. Gendry

    4. Tyrion Lannister

    3. Both Jon and Dany

    2. Daenerys Targaryen

    1. Jon Snow