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Just Shut Up Pannify And Join #OviyasArmy Already

In case you've been living under a rock, we've got a new national feminist icon. Here are the receipts.

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Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by Kamal Haasan, has been on air for a month now.

Star Vijay

And here is its most popular contestant at the moment, actress Oviya.

Star Vijay

She is also now the biggest underdog Tamil reality TV has seen in years.

Star Vijay/Hotstar

For the past month, Oviya has graced TV screens with an infectious love for herself...

Star Vijay/Hotstar

... and a DGAF attitude.

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This is actress and choreographer Gayathri Raguram, who's also a part of the house and one of the reasons for Oviya's popularity.

In previous episodes, Gayathri has questioned Oviya for wearing "modern clothes" and "cursing too much".

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Gayathri, along with other house members like actresses Namitha and Juliana, has occasionally teamed up against her to put her down.

On some occasions, she has just walked away from her bullies because they thought she had a bad attitude.

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In episode 28, she even boldly stood up for herself when she was threatened to be slapped.

In another (now iconic) incident, she told comedian Ganja Karuppu, "Neenga shut up pannunga" which roughly translates to, "Respectfully, sir, shut up."

Star Vijay/Hotstar
Star Vijay/Hotstar

That particular line has become big enough to have fans make t-shirts of it.

There are songs based on the phrase. One of which will eventually be used in a movie.

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Fed up of the consistent hate and vileness meted out to her by the house and in particular by Gayathri and her ministry of evil, the #OviyaArmy or Oviyans have made her a star.

Oh no they made Oviya cry :( you don't worry di pattu we are there for you

Oviya papa dont cry, whole of tamilnadu is with you..these will be your last tears inside, very beautiful beginnings awaits u once u comeout

Last week, when there was a fear of her being eliminated, #SaveOviya became a nationwide trend and people were trying their best to save her.

Even celebs from the film industry have been pulled in by the show and openly support her on social media.

If someone is different and not like the rest; it's better to leave them alone than blaming and cornering. #Disheartened #Oviya #SpreadLove

My husband and BILs getting upset. Yaaru da enga Oviya papa va azhavechadhu. We wanna adopt Oviya papa. Tell procedure.

Fans have shown up to Tamil Nadu Premiere League matches with banners supporting her as well.

People have been praying for her success on the show as well.

Aaaand of course, she has become a meme.



She's being compared to some iconic characters.

The fandom has escalated (via Photoshop and memes, as things do) to an international level.

So go ahead. Resistance is useless. Enlist, already, in #OviyasArmy.