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Just Shut Up Pannify And Join #OviyasArmy Already

In case you've been living under a rock, we've got a new national feminist icon. Here are the receipts.

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There are songs based on the phrase. One of which will eventually be used in a movie.

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Fed up of the consistent hate and vileness meted out to her by the house and in particular by Gayathri and her ministry of evil, the #OviyaArmy or Oviyans have made her a star.

Oh no they made Oviya cry :( you don't worry di pattu we are there for you

Oviya papa dont cry, whole of tamilnadu is with you..these will be your last tears inside, very beautiful beginnings awaits u once u comeout


Even celebs from the film industry have been pulled in by the show and openly support her on social media.

If someone is different and not like the rest; it's better to leave them alone than blaming and cornering. #Disheartened #Oviya #SpreadLove

My husband and BILs getting upset. Yaaru da enga Oviya papa va azhavechadhu. We wanna adopt Oviya papa. Tell procedure.


So go ahead. Resistance is useless. Enlist, already, in #OviyasArmy.