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The Best Socks In The World Are On Sale Right Now

They're called Smartwool for a reason.

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I'll spare you my "buying cheap socks" montage, but after much trial and error, I realized that there was no substitute for Smartwool socks.

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They are truly the best in the world. They're breathable, soft, moisture wicking, and they don't stretch out or lose their shape even after literal years of washes and wears. They also come in tons of good patterns and colors.

And, not insignificantly, they're on sale right now.

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If you buy three or more pairs at Jet and use the code SMARTWOOL, you'll get 33% off your total order through July 31. You can pick any three pairs for the promo—they don't have to be the same style or size.

If you're a new Jet customer, you'll get another 15% off with the promo code SAVE15.


8. There's also a men's version, which is slightly more expensive. Take that, patriarchy!

They come in more colors, though.

Get one pair for $21.91 or three for $36.72 with promo codes SMARTWOOL and SAVE15.


9. Take your no-show game to the next level with this two-pack.

Get one of the two-packs for $23.29 or three of the two-packs for $39.78 with promo codes SMARTWOOL and SAVE15 (multiple colors).