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    26 Jul 2017

    16 Times Kangana Ranaut Was Quite Fucking Hilarious

    Can we please have her doing more comedy films?

    1. When she gave an honest description of her younger self.

    2. When she revealed the secret to her spectacular fashion sense.

    3. When she was "dominating".

    4. When she bamboozled the haters.

    India Today

    5. When she had some real regrets.

    6. When she was nihilistic.

    7. When she was baffled by her own talent.

    8. When she wasn't surprised.

    9. When she had an amazing answer to the "What are you wearing?" query.

    10. When she was done with answering media's questions so she tricked them and bounced.

    11. When she was into Anna Hazare.

    12. When she called out Hindi film fraternity's snobbery.

    13. When she felt sorry for her parents.

    14. When she spoke the truth and nothing but the truth.

    15. When she couldn't fathom Dangal's success.

    16. And when she wanted to have it all because she fucking could.

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