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19 American Things That Confuse The Fuck Out Of British People

We have so many questions.

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1. Toilet bowls having so much water in them.

America - why is the water level in toilets so high and how do you not end up with toilet water on your hands when…

Guys, it's really alarming.

3. The way TV show timings are displayed as stuff like "8/7c".

What does it really mean though?


6. And that college-level sports have such a big fanbase.

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In the UK, you'd struggle to get two mates to come to your uni sports match, let alone have a massive following be interested in it.


15. Chocolate advent calendars not being a Christmas staple.


Apparently they're not a common thing in America, compared to here where every shop sells about 10 different varieties come November.


17. The fact people don't drink squash.

18. Teabags not being very popular, because a lot of tea is actually iced.