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19 Things You'll Relate To If You Grew Up In A Three-Sister Family

If you were in a fight with one sister, you did everything to try and get the other on your side.

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4. The youngest got away with a lot more growing up.

When yo youngest sibling gets away with some shit you know yo mama would've killed u for doing at they age


6. And the eldest probably played it the most safe, while complaining that her younger sisters "got away with everything".

The worst thing about being the eldest sibling is watching your younger siblings getting away with stuff you'd get executed for

8. Your parents have definitely called you by one of the other sisters' names.

#growingupwithsiblings when your mom tries to yell out your name but yells out every other persons name before finally getting to yours


10. At school you were constantly referred to as "____'s sister" by the teachers.

#GrowingUpWithSiblings when you're the youngest and referred to as "oh, you're _____ little sister"

(Unless you were the eldest child of course.)

11. And all the boys in your grade thought it was entirely appropriate to tell you that your sisters "are so hot".

"Your sisters hot" ok thanks that's nice to know


13. And the fighting would continue for the duration of the trip.

when ur sibling is making u mad but you're in the car with ur parents

16. Whenever you have a fight with one sister, you both tried to get the other one on your side.

My sisters are arguing but I'm not picking sides because they both got dirt on me


18. And then there were times when all three of you were fighting, and you can only imagine what it would’ve been like for your parents.

GrowingUpWithSisters. some days you're the best of friends but other days it's like world war three is going on in your house