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    23 Photos That Prove America Has Gone Too Far


    1. This weird selling point.

    2. This gun blessed with the word of God.

    3. This man's desperate attempt for some health care.

    4. Whatever this violent mess is.

    5. The huge obsession with all things bacon.

    6. Like, bacon salt?!

    7. This triple-decker artery threat.

    8. This deep-fried atrocity.

    9. This soup that just makes you wonder "Whyyyyyyyyy?!??!?!"

    10. This brand-new level of laziness.

    11. No, wait: this brand-new level of laziness.

    12. And this... Well actually, America, I think you're onto something here.

    13. This reminder that filling up gas is such a long, arduous task, so better put a TV on to fill in time.

    14. This...caffeinated ~health~ drink.

    15. This pepper spray that will definitely help fight breast cancer.

    16. This helpful reminder NOT to take your firearms up the stairs.

    17. This good samaritan.

    18. This thieving toilet.

    19. This political mess.

    20. This reminder that you can buy a bobble-head figure of a presidential candidate.

    21. This headline that couldn't have happened anywhere else.

    22. This must-visit destination.

    23. And this...honestly I don't fucking even know anymore. America, are you OK?