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    24 Shirts You'll Want To Buy Just For The Collar And Neckline

    *Throws out all necklaces*.

    1. A couple of pineapples to sweeten up your look.

    2. A bold butterfly who'll set onlookers' hearts a-flutter.

    3. Some gorgeous embroidery that may be delicate but makes a big statement.

    4. A crochet collar as proof that you can keep your wardrobe all-black and still diversify.

    5. A built-in leather choker for the person who's somewhere in between tough and feminine.

    6. A head-turning crop top if you want an outfit that's really ~graphic~.

    7. Some show-stopping ruffles so every moment of the day is a photo op.

    8. A becoming bow that'll stay *sweet on you* your whole nine to five.

    9. A sophisticated scarf if you know you're meant to be the next Jackie O.

    10. A trendy cold-shoulder top to prove that lace isn't always old fashioned.

    11. A retro button-down with a small flock to send you soaring.

    12. A simple and sweet Peter Pan collar to help you look put together, even when you are so not.

    13. Some watercolor florals as a custom work of art to showcase all summer.

    14. A romantic halter if you want all frills but no fuss.

    15. A vintage-look blouse in a ~tie~ between old-school and trendy.

    16. An eye-catching V-neck that'll make you actually want to say "eyes down here."

    17. A polished chiffon so you can at the very least look professional.

    18. A half moon and its stars to gravitate admirers.

    19. A satiny tie for a good reason to turn your back to people.

    20. Some chic contrast as something you'll probably want to wear every ~Wednesday~.

    21. Some solid proof that simple white tops can still go a long way.

    22. A zesty burst of orange so you're as scorching as the weather.

    23. Plus an embellished bib as a sneaky way to update half your closet.

    24. And a sequined collar so you can create countless new outfits for not even half the price.

    I was not prepared for all this beauty.