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What Are Your Best Tips And Tricks For Living In A Small Space?

Tell us the tips, tricks, and things that help you survive and thrive in a tiny-ass space!

Your home is your own personal palace. It's where you go to escape all of the ridiculous bullshit of the day, take off your pants, and relax.

But what if you live in the equivalent of a genie lamp?

Does your room have a lack of elbow space, or can you touch the walls on either side whenever you stretch?

If so, we want to know: What are your best tips for living in a small space?

Do you use an over-the-door shoe rack to keep from tripping over your hundreds of pairs of shoes?

Perhaps you have seats that secretly hide all of your clutter?

Or maybe you put away your clothes in under-the-bed storage instead of on the chair of abandoned outfits?

Tell us everything you do to live in your really small dwelling without feeling like the walls are literally caving in!