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19 Golden Retrievers To Remind You Of The Good In The World

They're honestly the purest animals on this planet.

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3. This cutie, encountering his own image for the first time:

Instagram: @neely_and_we

6. This incredible dance class that I want to attend:

Instagram: @ashthegolden

7. This cutie, living his best life and being treated right:

Instagram: @ollievuesomuch

9. This technologically advanced golden:

Instagram: @capecodpup

14. This downward doggo practising his downward dog:

Instagram: @ollievuesomuch

15. This lil' puppo doing very important puppy business:

Instagram: @life_of_howard

16. This puppy, who is understandably suspicious of carrots:

Instagram: @granger_the_golden

19. And finally this cutie, living out everyone's summer 2k17 goals:

Instagram: @porter_the_golden