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16 Times Pop Stars Were Shady As Shit In The '90s

And you thought today's stars were shady?

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16. When Prince said Michael Jackson's album should've been called Pathetic:

15. When Mariah said she "used to like" Madonna.

14. When Janet Jackson said this when asked about the difference between her and Madonna.

13. When Madonna dissed Arsenio Hall's haircut:

12. When Aretha Franklin stole Celine Dion's part during Divas Live and Celine pointed her out and had a sing-off.

11. When Madonna had this shady low blow for Courtney Love when she said she loved LA.

10. When Farrah was sick and Beyoncé shadily hinted she should leave. Now.


9. When Kylie Minogue straight-up said she hated Mariah:

8. When Diana Ross basically called her rival Patti Labelle an eyelash-eater (???):

7. And then when Patti shadily addressed Diana's comments:

6. When Whitney and Brandy were rehearsing for Cinderella and Whitney stopped mid-performance because Brandy was off-key:

5. When Madonna called Mariah "not bright."

4. And when Mariah shaded her right back, saying she hasn't paid attention to Madonna since she was popular.

3. When Whitney shut down Oprah, who tried to get her to talk about her personal life.

2. When Whitney iconically said she "doesn't think of" Mariah Carey.

1. And the most underrated moment of shade — when Cher said this when asked what she thought of Madonna:

You can see pop stars' shadiest moments from the 2000s and 2010s here!

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