23 Times Olenna Tyrell On "Game Of Thrones" Was A Savage Queen

    Queen of Thorns, queen of our hearts. Warning: contains spoilers!!

    1. When she was just here for the food.

    2. When she reminded everyone how very, very good she was.

    3. When she revealed what King's Landing is really like.

    4. When she was ~sentimental~.

    5. When she appreciated Brienne like she should be appreciated.

    6. And when she gave Sansa lemon cakes because they're her favourite.

    7. When she called out the patriarchy.

    8. When she dragged her own house.

    9. And her own son (while also low-key flirting with Tywin).

    10. When she was this damn shady.


    11. And a really great actress.

    12. When she had no time for Tywin's writing power move.

    13. And called Cersei out for trying the same thing.

    14. When she had no shame about Loras's sexuality while also confronting Tywin about Jaime and Cersei's incest.

    15. When she put Cersei in her place while also confronting her about her incest.

    16. When she said what we were all thinking about Cersei.

    17. Every time she was protective of Margaery.

    18. When she totally owned the High Sparrow.

    19. And cut the Sand Snakes down to size.

    20. When she was her sarcastic, amazing self at Daenerys' war council.

    21. When she gave the Mother of Dragons some great advice.

    22. And when she died as she lived...

    23. A fucking savage queen.

    RIP Olenna Tyrell. The baddest bitch in the Seven Kingdoms.