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    15 Low-Key Genius Products On Amazon You Should Try Out

    A holy grail blackhead solution and 14 other favourite products from our recent posts.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A glycolic peel that will help to reduce redness and uneven skin.

    Promising review: "I had a little problem with dermatillomania marks/scars, ingrown hairs and rough red bumps on my legs that I have been embarrassed of since my early teens and have refused to wear outfits that show my bare legs because of all the marks. I am totally amazed by this stuff! My leg scars have cleared so well (the big deeper ones are still there but faint and i could easily hide them with concealer if I wanted to) – the red bumps 'chicken skin' has gone for the first time in about 15 years, and the ingrown hairs don't look as angry and I think are going. I also used it on small dermatillomania scars/marks on my chest and shoulders which are now gone.

    "For anyone wanting an idea of how long it took to see results, I used the pads mentioned before for about a week or so on my leg scars out of curiosity after my face cleared up but wasn't seeing too much difference, and then bought this which I have had for 1 week! I use it once a day after a shower. " – Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon, £7.99

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    2. This DIY facial set that's perfect for a night in with your BFF.

    Promising review: "Loved this treatment! In the beautifully packaged kit you get Eye Gels, Smile Line Gels, and Forehead Gels. Two of everything, so two full face treatments. It's wonderfully pampering, with visible results. Pop on the easy-to-apply gels and relax for some 15 minutes or so. Yes, the results are short-lived –skin smoothing (the effect on my forehead furrows was quite remarkable!) and reduction of puffiness around eyes for some 24-48 hours – but skin feels so much more revived and I felt all the better for that. A worthwhile pampering treatment. (The Skin Hangover Kit in this range is great too, as is the Eye Pen, but note that you will get an eye pen in the skin hangover kit!) Well packaged with excellent Amazon delivery." – IntheAmazone

    Get it on Amazon, £15

    3. A holy grail mud mask that will help clear up your congested pores.

    Promising review: "The congested pores on my nose have totally shrunk! My pores were so large and full of congestion I couldn't extract completely and I'd end of turning my nose all red and sore and worried about scarring. My pores are now tiny and although they look like pin-prick blackheads they seem like they could be easily extracted now with no damage to my skin. I didn't feel any bad sensation while the mask was on, although there is a slight sulphur smell! Make sure to mix the mud in the tub before applying, too. Might be my new holy grail. 😊 " – Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon, £12.99

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    4. A soothing sleepytime balm that will help you switch off after a long day.

    Promising review: "I wouldn't really say it knocks me out immediately, but definitely calms me down after a stressful day and relaxes me, maybe over a 30-minute period, into sleep. Would recommend for people that get anxious or stressed out." – Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon, £7.94

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    5. A glitter fix gel that will give you sparkly lids with zero fallout.,

    Promising review: "Very small pot but done the job! Glitter stayed on all night & wipes off just as easy, loved it." – Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon, £1.86

    6. An oatmeal-based old favourite that will save your skin in a hurry.

    Promising review: "Absolutely amazing! I've had really bad eczema all my life and have never found anything that made a long lasting effect, the only other thing that worked for me was getting steroid-based creams but can't get them on repeat prescription. I've felt like I've tried everything so thought I would give Aveeno Eczema Therapy a go and the results were outstanding! I've never had this kind of relief from any other moisturisers before! I literally wish I had taken before/after pictures because the areas that were very inflamed, dry, and itchy are completely gone! I still use it every day on the areas that were the worst so it doesn't come back and it's not bothered me at all since I've started using Aveeno, I'm totally amazed! ❤" – Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon, £14.99

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    7. A cult hair dye that is cheap as chips and gives full colour coverage.,

    Promising review: "I literally could not recommend this product more based on my results! After looking online for hours which hair dyes worked best through various YouTube and Google searches, I came across Directions. I'm always very sceptical about 'bright' coloured hair dyes because more often than not they would come up very bland and fade within a couple of days. These colours, however, are remarkable. I didn't quite follow the instructions, because I researched how to get the best results out of these dyes (leaving the hair dye in for more than 6 hours to get the best results, then only washing them out in cool water). I found my hair was left bright and VERY silky smooth. The dyes are cheap, easy to apply, and quite simply the most vivid colours I've ever achieved in my hair after years of various methods. Update, years on, still buying from the same seller, best hair dye you could get." – Hairy Dino

    Get it on Amazon, £13 for 4 pots

    8. A bra extender for a pretty bra that is too tight around the back, or to make a bra less tight during pregnancy.

    Promising review: "My size fluctuates so much especially in the summer and this product is perfect. It saves me buying a bra in different sizes, thereby saving me money." – Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon, £1.67

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    9. A pretty floral dress that comes in sizes S to XXXL and a ton of different colours.,

    Promising review: "I'm really loving it. Very girly and I'm very much into floral fabrics this summer and this dress has become my favourite this summer. Nice knee-length and great colour. I'm normally size 10 UK and I bought this in S and it fits me perfectly." – Gina

    Get it on Amazon, £15.99

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    10. A genius gadget that will mean you no longer dread cleaning the shower drain.

    Promising review: "Don't know why I love this so much but I guess it's the sheer simplicity of the design, combined with the fact it's easy to use and works flawlessly. Remember you need a slightly recessed plughole as the product needs to slide down inside the plughole about an inch or two." – P.Prince

    Get it on Amazon, £12.99

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    11. A cheap and cheerful suitcase that fits all cabin requirements and is tough to boot.,

    Promising review: "There's a range of colours, with at least one colour on special offer (I bought the yellow for £29.99, as I like a jolly colour – and it's easier to spot on a carousel). I've taken this suitcase away for four weekends running, and each time it's fit an admirable amount in it – from a Eurostar stash of French wine, to several outfits for a girls' weekend away. There are loads of interior pockets, so you can store your dirty clothes and toiletries cleverly. And the shell is still light enough so that you can lift it into an overhead compartment with ease. I'm totally in love." – Ailbhe Malone

    Get it on Amazon, £29.99

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    12. A mini chopper that punches above its weight, and is under £20.

    Promising review: "This Ninja Chopper is the business. We have to puree my partner's food (late-stage dementia, sadly), but mostly I wanted to chop spinach as I like it pureed. This chopper is phenomenal and purees a big bag of leaves in seconds. Thank you to the Amazon buyers who recommended it so highly. They were spot on." – Mr David C Knight

    Get it on Amazon, £19.99

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    13. A captivating read that should be made into a movie immediately.

    14. A portable charger that is slim enough to fit inside your wallet.

    Promising review: "This may not be the biggest capacity power bank but is great for emergencies. The unit is really slim and easy to fit in a handbag or purse,

    Really useful to have for when your phone just needs that boost to see you through until you can charge it at home." – xLesleyx

    Get it on Amazon, £9.89

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    Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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