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    23 Products That Might Actually Help You Embrace The Outdoors

    ::raises hand; swats mosquito::

    1. A magical sand-sifting mat for anyone who likes the shore, but thinks sand is a total *beach*.

    2. A two-in-one cooler and portable air conditioner that uses cold water to keep you cool and comfortable even when you're far away from home.

    3. A smaller-than-pocket-sized blanket to protect your delicate tushy from the cold, wet ground.

    4. A water-resistant sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF *70* to protect the skin of even the most sun-averse.

    5. A camp stove that can boil water in as little as five minutes AND charge your USB devices. Because the two most important things are food & phone.

    6. Or a solar panel charger capable of powering two devices at once, if being that far from an outlet makes you nervous.

    7. A planisphere star-finder so you can become a knowledgeable stargazer...without having taken astronomy 101.

    8. A portable mosquito repeller that clips right onto your pocket and creates 15'x15' zone to keep bugs from *bugging* you.

    9. Or a camping lantern with four light settings to brighten things up AND keep the skeeters away from your whole party or gathering.

    10. A tube of *extra strength* itch relieving gel — just in case a few critters do make it all the way to your skin.

    11. A vacuum-insulated water bottle for anyone who wants their water to taste straight out of their fridge's Brita pitcher....even if they're miles away from home.

    12. A LifeStraw to take all the grossness out of water so you can drink it safely; it removes 99.9% or more of bacteria and parasites.

    13. Gourmet dehydrated dishes perfect for anyone whose biggest fear of camping is being so far from their favorite Thai place.

    14. A comfy hammock with mosquito netting built right in so you can actually relax without worrying out bites.

    15. And an on-the-go espresso machine that's hand-operated (no batteries or outlet needed) and can make the perfect café-quality espresso even in the deep woods.

    16. An eight-person tent with a big ole C L O S E T to bring some eleganza to your campsite.

    17. A SportBrella sun shelter that has UPF protection to keep your skin burn free and windows you can pop open for extra ventilation.

    18. A camping pad with v-shaped air chambers to keep your bod off of the cold, hard ground so you can sleep like a baby far away from your perfect bed.

    19. Breathable wool-blend hiking socks that can keep your feet dry and comfortable all damn day.

    20. A super lightweight backrest capable of magically turning the ground into a comfortable recliner.

    21. A wearable sleeping bag to keep you unbelievably toasty, all while repping your fave Star Wars character.

    22. A two-pack of "outdoor wine" that's bottled in BFA-free plastic so you can toss it in your pack without worrying about breakage.

    23. And an unbreakable, foldable wine bottle so you can bring any wine of your choosing with you to ease the pain of being outside.

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