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23 Magical Products To Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is your bank account.

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It's Harry Potter's birthday! And since buying things for a fictional character feels a little extravagant, why not celebrate by gifting yourself something in his honor?

1. A personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter because let’s face it, you’ve been waiting for this since your eleventh birthday.

Promising review: “LITERALLY PERFECT. Arrived exactly on time. My cousin thought he was legitimately going to Hogwarts in the fall! 10/10 would recommend.” —Laura Lefkowitz

Get it from GothikDelights on Etsy starting at $12.04.


3. A sorting bath bomb for when the Hat is just too mainstream. You can choose your Hogwarts House at checkout, or let it be a surprise!

Promising review: "LOVED this bath bomb!! The color was bright and it smelled amazing. It also came with a hand-written thank you note, which I thought was really thoughtful." —Lauren Magruder

Get it from Three Brooms Craft on Etsy for $7.


6. A crate of candy straight from Honeydukes, including Chocolate Frogs, Jelly Slugs, and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

Promising review: “So our family decided to do a Harry Potter movie marathon. I wanted to add a little something so I looked up candy from Harry Potter and this popped up. I was so thrilled I even paid a bit extra to ship in one day. Really cute box and awesome candy inside. Chocolate frog, pop rocks, Bertie's flavored beans, etc. Would definitely order again.” —Cheryl

Get it for $41.82 at Walmart.

8. This pocket smartphone printer that’ll print out your photos and bring videos back to life, like ~magic~.

Promising review: “I bought the Prynt Pocket for my girlfriend. She was so excited!! It's easy to set up—you take a picture and it prints in 20 seconds. The best part of it is that you can take a video, choose a frame, and print it. Then when you scan the photo with the app, it comes back to life, like Harry Potter!! Also, you can earn points in the app by just printing photos... We managed to get a free pack of paper after one week of usage!” —david1001

Get it at Urban Outfitters in multiple colors for $150.

9. This Harry Potter canvas art so you can show some House pride.


10. Tea samplers that come in flavors like Polyjuice, Felix Felicis, and Veritaserum.

Promising review: “SUCH a fantastic tea! I was invited to tea by a friend and chose Polyjuice (chai) from her Harry Potter-inspired sampler set... and it was love at first sip! So aromatic and so flavorful. I ordered my own bag the next day!” —Jordan Bannister

Get them from Adagio Teas: $5 for a sample tin, $12 for a 3 oz. pouch, $24 for a 5 oz. tin, or $24 for a sampler set of six tins.

11. A self-stirring mug so you can prepare your potion-flavored tea without lifting a spoon.

12. This smart notebook that sends your notes to the Cloud, and erases with a cloth like magic. (No word yet on whether it's a Horcrux.)

Promising review: “OMG!!! This device is so cool. It works beautifully. The scanning as well as the syncing capabilities are awesome. I have it scanned and synced to my Microsoft Note account. Writing with the pen is smooth and the paper feels like paper. The use of the wet cloth to erase works exactly like they said it does. I wish I had this product while in college. It is worth every penny.” —Tulla Bell

Get it on Amazon for $34.


14. A Harry Potter-themed subscription box, so you can get a special delivery of magical objects every month.

Promising review: "I've gotten quite a few different Harry Potter/wizarding boxes over the year and I'm fairly certain this one takes the cake. Everything in it was a beautiful nod to the world of Harry Potter and things that I hadn't even come close to receiving or trying in other boxes. This is a subscription I'll be holding onto for quite some time." —Kelsey

Get it at Cratejoy for $39.99 a month.

17. A Polyjuice Potion flask so you can channel your inner Barty Crouch, Jr.

Promising review: “This is so stinking cool, I'm going to order another one. First one was for a friend as a gift, but I just have to have my own. It's too brilliant.” —Jordan Crawford

Get it on Amazon for $14.99.


18. A Daily Prophet knapsack, for your Chocolate Frog cards, your Potions textbooks, and your magical two-way mirror that Sirius Black gave you and you never used it to chat with him, not even once.

Perfect for when lugging around a Hogwarts trunk is just too cumbersome.

Get it at Jet for $39.30.

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