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A Contestant On "Australian Survivor" Accidentally Got Naked And Everyone Is Thirsty

Outwit, outplay, outlast, outdak.

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Monday night's episode of Australian Survivor saw two competitors, 27-year-old adventurer Locky and former special ops commander Mark, paired off to compete against each other.

The challenge was straightforward: one member from each tribe (Asaga and Samatu) had to go down a slip-and-slide and grab the ball at the end of the track. The first contestant to grab hold of the ball and bring it to their team’s square would win a point.

And people were clearly living for it.

#SurvivorAU Locky and Mark. Locky naked #thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof

Locky's ass...and pixelated D #Survivorau

"Locky is completely naked!" Twitter: #SurvivorAU

Mark W wrestling a naked Locky while Jonathan Lapaglia's biceps looked on? #SurvivorAU

We were all winners after that challenge #SurvivorAU