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Les Murray Will Always Be Remembered As A Giant On Twitter

RIP Les.

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Murray used his Twitter account to not just tweet about the latest football results, but to stand up for refugees from being demonised by politicians.

A million refugees have flowed out of Syria since the war's start. Would Scott Morrison call them 'illegal' arrivals?


Murray was often scathing of the government's treatment of asylum seekers and operation of the controversial offshore detention regime.

The HR Commission's report exposing child abuse in refugee detention centres shames us all as Australians. The Government should act.

Murray also spoke at rallies and events in support of refugees.

With Alex, brother of Mike Tomalaris at the refugee rally.


Including MC-ing at a World Refugee Day breakfast.

I'm MC-ing World Refugee Day Breakfast tomorrow. The day, June 20, should bring more awareness to the plight of the world's 42mil refugees.

You always knew Murray was on the ball.

ABC reporter has just said, 'Refugees in Croatia have not given up hope for getting to Europe.' Where does he think Croatia is? Africa?

Irrespective of whether the refugees were in Australia or elsewhere around the globe, Les was tweeting about those who most needed help.

US Congress moving to stop Syrian refugees is an act of astonishing stupidity. It's exactly what ISIL wants, turn Muslims against the West.

One particular moment summed up Les' fiery Twitter feed: Last year, he was left floored by comments from the immigration minister Peter Dutton.

Peter Dutton's comments about refugees are an outrage. Where does this donkey get the evidence for such claims?


Dutton had stoked fear in the community of so-called "illiterate" refugees during the election campaign. Les was absolutely not having it.

Peter Dutton says 50,000 refugees would take our jobs. Yet he says refugees are on the dole. Well, which is it?

He was fearless when calling those in power to account.

A man who doesn't understand that migrants bring economic benefits is not fit to be immigration minister.

Thank you Les.

Thanks for all the retweets on World Refugee Day.

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