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This Actress' Instagram Videos Will Inspire You In A Way You Didn't Think Was Possible

Come for the videos, stay for the captions.

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This is Norwegian actress Ulrikke Falch.

Many know her as Vilde on Skam.

R.I.P. the best show ever created.**Not hyperbole.

R.I.P. the best show ever created.*

*Not hyperbole.

But you should also know that her Instagram is straight fire. Seriously, a million people follow her and rightly so because it is weird, fascinating, beautiful, inspiring, funny, powerful, and frankly INCREDIBLE.

1. The "All bodies are beautiful so get over it" inspo:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"I am not more perfect or cooler than the first beautiful girl. Just as good, just as badass and we both look awesome maaaan!"


2. The "Fuck your rape culture B.S." PSA:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"Turns out showing skin exclusively means that you want to have sex. Regardless of how you choose to show it. This is me. Asking for sex. (SARCASM ALARM)"

3. Like the "Let's do a sing-along" montage:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"lvl. 1000, Youtube 'Instrumental version'"

4. The "Put her in every music video ever" compilation:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"I am scared i will offend anyone. I am scared you won't like me. I am scared I'm not good enough. We need to repeat to ourself that we're badass bitches and deserve to be happy. Challenge yourself with this groundbreaking sentence: I am good enough. (Btw: me not using bra is none of yo bizzzz)"

5. The "Sheridan has watched this on loop for the past four hours" collection:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"girer meg opp på alene-vors," which according to my husband roughly translates to "gearing myself up with a solo pre-game."


6. The "Be Proud of Your Body and All It Does For You" reminder:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"In my childhood I was always bullied for having thunderthighs, horselegs and masculine muscles. I call them lioness legs now. Strong and powerfull (Choreography by the canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau)"

7. The "SAAAAAAAAAAME" realization:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"me after working out one time, once a year"

8. The "Ulrikke loves her cat just as much as you love yours" memento:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"Obviously i am celebrating my cat is pregnant."

9. The "Reverse" striptease:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"Reverse Striptease"


10. The "Holy shit Ulrikke is actually you" thinkpiece:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"Happy place!"

11. The "Literally everyone has been in this exact scenario and if they say they haven't they're lying" performance art:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"free the boob shadow."

12. And the "Sheridan, this is Ulrikke. Please stop calling me, I told you I have enough best friends and am not looking for any more" dance:

Instagram: @ulrikkefalch

"When someone says i'm a bit intense."

Bravo, Ulrikke.

"Some of you are congratulating me on my amount of followers. I know you only mean well, but i need you to remember that i only convey what millions of activists before me has fought so hard for. I will continue to exploit my position in social media to raise awareness around different issues in our society. And I encourage you to do it too. We are stronger together, and i am just a personification of feminism and my beliefs. I believe strongly that social media is the new way to make people unite and share knowledge. Join me in this movement 💕"