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    12 Disturbing Photos That Make It Hard Not To Believe In Ghosts

    These are not right at all.


    1. The uninvited wedding guest

    This photo was taken in 1972, and shows four guests at a wedding. Just four guests posing for a photo at a wedding. Except...what's that between the man on the right's legs?

    There's someone else in the picture.

    Look at those small shoes.


    And now, never sleep again.

    2. The extra hand

    A lovely, happy family photo ruined by an extra hand. It's the one on the dad's right shoulder. And no one knows who the fuck it belongs to:

    "I am the kid with braces in the picture and I can honestly say that is not my hand. My parents' house is crazy haunted." – Qbaxter77 via Reddit

    3. The lady in the lift

    This photo was taken by a doctor in Bolivia. The lift doors opened when the photo was taken, and no one was inside. But when they saw the photo afterwards... fuck, what is that?

    4. The lady in the bodice

    Once you spot her, you can't unsee her. There's something about her bony arms and bowed head that's both disturbing and sad. And this wasn't the only time she was spotted:

    "Family photo circa 1930, New Zealand. Will let you find ghost. My aunt saw her a few times while growing there in the '60s/'70s. Beside or at the end of her bed. She wore a fitted white bodice-style dress, with a dark brooch at her waist, dark hair up in a bun." – Njfurlong via Reddit

    5. The Cooper family photo

    This family photo was said to have been taken in the 1950s. Two women sit by the dinner table, with candles cheerily lit and two happy boys on their laps. But when it was developed, or so the story goes, something else was revealed...a horrifying body hanging upside down, with a black void for a face, looming into the room.

    6. The hospital bed demon

    This sinister, hunched figure was said to have been captured on a nurse's monitor at a hospital. The person who posted the image claimed that the patient in the bed died shortly afterwards.

    7. The little boy in the ruined school

    The Reddit user who posted this image was deeply sceptical that there was anything paranormal going on, although they couldn't deny there is something chilling about the figure of a little boy staring out from the ruins of an old school:

    "I grew up in a small, rural town in between mountains. A couple of years ago, they were tearing down an old elementary school. A guy my mom knew went in and took pics with his cell phone. When he uploaded them, this was one of the pics. I don't believe in stuff like this at all. I just really don't know how to explain it since it was a cell phone pic and I'm pretty sure that no one in my Podunk hometown knows how to make fake pics." – inthelionsmane via Reddit

    8. The girl with no face

    Szigeti Gyöngyi /

    "The photograph was taken in 1943 in Kaposfüred, Hungary. My mother is in the foreground, the photo taken by my father. A little girl standing in the background, has no arms, no face. It’s like a ghost or a demon. I have the original photograph at home." – Szigeti Gyöngyi via

    And here's the original in case you had any doubts...

    Szigeti Gyöngyi /

    Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

    9. "Please tell me that is your shy daughter."

    This chilling image was uploaded to Reddit last year with the caption, "Please tell me that is your shy daughter." But if the demonic grinning figure with glowing eyes really is her shy daughter, maybe that's even worse?

    10. The lady in the picture

    It just looks like an ordinary photo of a group of mates posing with their drinks. Until you look a little more closely at the left-hand corner and...who or what is that?

    "This was taken at my house in Crewe, Cheshire. Before this picture was taken I would often be in the house on my own decorating. I would hear the toilet flush, light switch click, and footsteps.

    "I found out the lady that owned the house previously had died quite suddenly. I have tried to replicate the picture numerous times but never with the same effect." – Mark P. via

    11. The nursing home reaper

    "This photo was taken by a resident of the nursing home that my mom works in. Prior to the photo being taken, members of the staff and other residents heard the sounds of a door opening and closing along with the appearance of a call light turning on and off, yet nobody was in the room. From what I have been told this picture had been taken roughly 15 minutes after a patient in the facility had passed on. Is it possible this is the person? Or perhaps 'The Reaper'?" – 13thsage via Reddit

    12. The hidden man

    Stephen D. /

    These photos don't look like much at first – the creepy man's face in the right-hand image could just be a weird blur from the camera. But then you read the story from the guy who took the photo...

    "The picture was taken with my Kodak AZ522. The face that appears in the second photo showed up when I was attempting to enhance the woman’s image using Portrait Professional software. The software uses a type of facial recognition to locate the faces in the image and provide enhancements automatically. The software focused in on the man's image in the photograph, which was unseen by me at the time. Opening the image in Photoshop, and making minor adjustments in the color saturation, and the brightness levels obtained the same results.

    "I had taken about 50 shots of the same subject, at the same time, and in the same location, and was unable to obtain any additional images of the man in any of the other shots." – Stephen D. via