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    6 Things To Experience At Pandora: The World Of Avatar At Disney's Animal Kingdom

    *Books flight to Orlando*

    1. Get your very own Avatar made.

    2. Participate in the different experiences scattered throughout the Valley of Mo’ara.

    You can stop by the Na'vi-built drum circle (with instruments that everyone can play), get your face painted into an actual Avatar to really ~become one~ with the world of Pandora, or chat with tour guides from Alpha Centauri Expeditions and scientists from the Pandora Conservation Initiative.

    3. Chow down on the themed food.

    Listen, if you're anything like me, food is an integral part of your theme park experience. But at Pandora, it's not your typical Mickey Ice Cream bars and soft pretzels. Instead, you can snack on things Cheeseburger Bao Buns and Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse pods, both of which make you feel like you've been transported from Orlando to another planet.

    4. Experience the bioluminescence at night.

    5. While you're (probably) waiting in a two-hour line, check out the film-inspired environment.

    6. And obviously, experience the rides!

    In Avatar Flight of Passage, you're matched to your very own Avatar before taking flight on a banshee over the incredible world of Pandora. And if a 3D motion ride isn't quite your thing, you can hop on board the Na'vi River Journey, which is a stunning boat ride through a bioluminescent rainforest — both of which are well worth the wait times.