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If You've Done 40/50 Of These Aussie Things Then You're Stereotypical AF

Have you ever said "oi, yeah, nah, but"?

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  1. Drunk goon.
    Drunk goon that's hanging off a clothesline.
    Drunk VB from a can.
    Eaten a sausage on election day.
    And gone to Bunnings just for a sausage sizzle.
    Fixed a busted plugger with a bread tag.
    And had your thongs literally stick to the melting pavement.
    Been to Bali.
    Sung "here's to Darryl, he's true blue...".
    Called someone a "cunt" as a term of endearment.
    Called someone "mate" passive-aggressively.
    Said "yeah, nah".
    Said "oi, yeah, nah, but".
    Mocked the New Zealand accent.
    Memorised the phone number of the Reading Writing Hotline.
    And the Lube Mobile number, too.
    Been dive-bombed by a magpie.
    Bought choccy milk from a petrol station.
    Scoffed a servo sausage roll and burned your mouth.
    And gone out of your way on a road trip to try a meat pie your mate told you was "the fuckin' best".
    Enjoyed a plate of cabanossi and Bega cubes.
    Gone to Coles or Woolies barefoot.
    Helped spread the drop bear mythology.
    Chucked a sickie because you were hungover.
    Bought a supermarket rotisserie chook for dinner.
    Complained about the price of coffee.
    Pronounced "fuck" like "faaark".
    Ordered a parma and chips at the pub.
    Flashed your headlights to warn oncoming cars about coppers.
    Eaten a Chang's Noodle salad on Christmas.
    Accidentally eaten an entire bag of Maltesers.
    Smashed a 2am drunk kebab.
    Done a hungover Macca's run.
    Yelled at someone for not indicating.
    Then made a turn without indicating.
    Brought a box of Favourites to a barbie.
    Yelled "BACK DOOR" at a bus driver.
    Described a situation as "a real Steven Bradbury moment".
    Chucked a u'ey.
    Drunk Smirnoff Ice in a park.
    Eaten fish 'n' chips out of butcher's paper.
    Bummed a durry off a stranger.
    Worn a Lowes flanno in the winter.
    Pronounced it "tar-jay".
    Trapped a spider in an old ice cream container.
    Made a beer can wizard staff.
    Watched at least one episode each of Neighbours and Home and Away.
    Eaten a Vegemite and cheese sanger.
    Either been dakked or dakked someone.
    Said "youse" unironically.

If You've Done 40/50 Of These Aussie Things Then You're Stereotypical AF

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