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37 Pictures That Will Make Everything OK In The World

Take a deep breath. Here we go.

1. Are you ready? Look at this perfect stack of pancakes.

2. And this fiery lava being delicately crunched.

3. Zoom in on this perfect flower blossom. Ahhhh.

4. And watch these tarts get pressed down by a rolling pin.

5. Goodness gracious, look at this perfect paint.

6. Could it be...the most beautiful pi in the world?

7. This folded snow is just gorgeous.


9. Check out this honeycomb being carved, omg.

10. And how these spoons are arranged.

11. The way these cats are lined up in perfect ombré.


13. Now look at this exquisite layering of tape.

14. And this sumptuous swirl of toothpaste.

15. Look at these pristine circles of colored foam.

16. And this perfectly mowed lawn.

17. And just imagine getting every...last...drop out of your tube.

18. Have you ever seen a more perfect pepper?

19. Or a more apt pair of shoes?

20. So, so smooth.


22. GAH.

23. These oh-so-perfectly arranged tools.

24. This is two-sided tape.

25. Were these pancakes made in heaven?

26. Cleaning a bus seat is so, so mesmerizing.

27. Look how these hedges are trimmed.

28. And these perfectly aligned wineglasses.

29. Could you watch these trampoliners shuffling for hours?

30. Or gaze at this flawless paper towel arrangement for days?

31. These pills fit so neatly in their compartments. So, so neatly.

32. Feast your eyes on this perfectly aligned grilled cheese.

33. Could this watermelon fit any more perfectly??

34. Imagine running your hand through this milk bubble.

35. Or having a perfect Snickers slot in your car.

36. Just relax and look at this perfect circle.

37. And have you ever seen how beautiful circular waves can be?


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