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21 Things Gingers And Redheads Are Fucking Sick And Tired Of

Yes, it's true. We don't have souls *eyeroll* H/T Ginger Problems

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4. Our paleness also has other irritating side effects, like not being able to go outside for six months of the year.

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Unless you follow this oh-so-handy sunblock guide, of course.


5. And we're tired of hearing "Haha, maybe if all your freckles join up you'll end up with a tan. Haha."

See!! I TOLD you my #freckles join together. Look at the size of these!! #gingerproblems #heatwaveuk

Fuck off.

6. People always assume we're temperamental and/or constantly furious, too.

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If we always seem angry, it's probably because of the dumb things people say. Like "you always seem angry – is it because of your red hair?"


9. Salons constantly try to rebrand our hair colour.

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"Tangerine", "Strawberry Blonde", "Apricot" – guys, just call a spade a spade, and admit that lots of people want to be ginger and are willing to pay for the privilege.

10. People try to comfort us by saying it's not the "worst" shade of ginger they've ever seen.

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"It's...sort of nice. Coppery? I'm pretty sure I see bits of blonde." No, you don't. It's red.


13. We've heard every insulting term you can think of.

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And we're largely immune to them all, especially the yawn-inducing "carrot top".

14. We're always being told told we'll go "extinct" one day.

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In around 2007, a scientific study was widely reported in the news that claimed we're on our way out. Since then, this bit of info has been thrown in our faces so many times we actually wish we could go extinct right away and not have to listen to any more bullshit.


21. But at the end of the day, they're clearly just jealous of how utterly cute we are.

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