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    32 Ridiculously Cute Products That Will 100% Melt Your Heart


    1. A Carebear sweater that's as cuddly as Cheer Bear herself.

    2. A group of little macarons for storing all your tiny items in.

    3. A happy little flower hook who looks delighted to hold your stuff.

    4. A delicate pineapple hair clip for summery hair styles.

    5. A pair of high socks that'll make you the envy of animal lovers everywhere.

    6. A pack of little cat sticky notes for feline friends who'll pop out of the pages of your book.

    7. A pair of smiling bread slippers with glowing LED cheeks.

    8. A precious corgi who will happily keep your plant safe.

    9. An eared cat beanie for staying cute and warm this upcoming fall.

    10. A snuggly kigurumi perfect for doing the chicken dance in.

    11. An unassuming mug with a surprise pal inside.

    12. A sweater with heart-shaped elbow pads for wearing to all your important lectures on the history of cuteness.

    13. Two pairs of socks with delightful camping scenes.

    14. A squeaky toy that you and your dog are going to love.

    15. A pair of narwhal earrings, because they're basically the unicorns of the sea.

    16. A Totoro apron for baking the cutest food around.

    17. A heart pillow you're going to want to hug all the time.

    18. A small koala pal that clips onto your pencil, bag, bed post, or any item that needs some company.

    19. A pair of snuggly monster slippers you don't have to worry about scaring anyone.

    20. An impossibly fuzzy opossum that will fill you with joy every time you look at it.

    21. An ice cream cone you can hug without getting all sticky.

    22. Cute dryer balls that will keep your laundry fresh and soft.

    23. A Pikachu mold perfect for making four mini cakes, soaps, or chocolates.

    24. A llama duster to finally motivate you to clean your apartment.

    25. Tiny sun and moon patches with smiles that will leave you starry eyed.

    26. A little mushroom light to guide you to dreamtown.

    27. A transparent, googly-eyed phone case with your choice of pattern.

    28. A string of adorable Batman lights that probably won't call the Dark Knight to rescue you.

    29. A grab bag for a mystery hedgehog that hangs onto ledges and glasses.

    30. A unicorn teapot that pours out magic, rainbows, dreams—and hot water, probably.

    31. An itty, bitty bench perfect for creating a fairy garden in your backyard.

    32. A hooded, eared cape that will be make you look like the hero of the cutest fantasy story ever.

    It's all almost too cute to bear.