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People Are Amazed By This 5-Year-Old Who Is A Photographer

"But my grown ass mates are taking blurry pics of me on common iPhone."

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Bethea told BuzzFeed News she started taking photos in middle school and after modeling realized that she wanted to do professional photography.

Instagram: @visualnarrator

Bethea said, "I love what I do now because I am highly motivated and love inspiring others.

"I thrive on ... coaching other women to be successful by being who God made them to be."


Bethea said she "loves to help women see the natural beauties that they are."

Instagram: @visualnarrator

"You know, like, be comfortable in the skin you’re in. I also found a freedom in photography that allowed me to bring my visions and the visions of my clients to life through my lens."

She added that "whether it be images like beauty shots, fashion, or creative shots ... all my work always tells a story."

He has his own Instagram page called "lil visual" to match his mum's page, called "visual narrator".

Bethea said she noticed that her son was "attentive to what was happening" while she was collaborating with her friends on a trip to Charlotte.

"That’s when I put his first camera, the Nikon 5300 DSLR, in his hand and he joined the shoot. That was his big start," she said.

"It’s funny because even up to this day when I ask him what type of pictures he likes to take, he says, 'I like to take pictures of people in Charlotte.'

"That shoot was over eight months ago and he still remembers that."


Bethea tweeted about her son and people are loving his work.

I teach my son photography as well. He's 5 😍😩