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David Johnston Touched The Queen And Now Everyone Is Clutching Their Pearls

No touching!

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The tabloids are perturbed.

Daily Mail calls out Canada's Governor General for breaking protocol by touching Queen. David Johnston says he was…

What was he thinking, helping a 91-year-old woman on some stairs?!

GG spurs UK tabloid controversy, breaching protocol, touching Queen's arm. Says he was "anxious to be sure there wa…

Much debate. Such stirring.

Photo supplied by CBC's Thomas Daigle: Protocol breach, or too polite reach? GG's response to Queen's 'slippy step'…


Clearly the polite option was to let the Queen slip and fall.

@CBCAlerts He's Canadian. It's what we do. You don't let your Grandma fall. Relax people.

Manners shmanners, people.

@CBCAlerts If he had let her fall there would have been such a hue and cry reaction from the very same people That…

What would you prefer, a toothless monarch or a touched monarch?

@thomasdaigle Good for the GG; classy! What if the QUEEN had fallen and knocked her teeth out. F 'protocol'!! What a crazy world..... 😡😡😡

We all know the answer.

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