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13 Cooking Segment Moments I Can't Believe Actually Happened

TBT to Gordon Ramsay almost slicing his hand off.

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1. When Nicole Kidman told Giada De Laurentiis that her pizza was "a little tough" after a series of back-and-forth shading on Ellen.


2. When Patti LaBelle shot back at a chef who said she wanted to eat the paper cupcake wrapping:


3. When Leslie Horton made artichoke dip and everyone almost got sick.

4. And when Martha Stewart had to check Wendy Williams for bringing up her age...


5. ...and also when she returned and shaded Wendy yet again.

6. When Mariah Carey used her cooking segment to throw hilarious shade at Eminem.

7. When Sandra Lee poured "two shots of vodka."

2 shots my ass..

Food Network

8. When this chef made the viral ketchup steak on the Food Network and it obviously came out horrible:

Food Network

9. When Gordon Ramsay literally cut himself with a knife because he was simultaneously slicing tomatoes and correcting Ellen.


10. And when he iconically called Conan a donkey.


11. When Tyler The Creator said this to Bonnie Lalich when she interrupted him on The Greatest Cooking Show Of All Time.

12. When this chef knocked over his table on-air.


13. And possibly the most out-of-control moment — when Rachael Ray made potato skins (?????) and then used them to try and get rid of this woman's gray hair.


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