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    Posted on Jul 12, 2017

    Don't Ask Questions, Just Read This Epic Twitter Fight Between A "Sims" Fan Account And Fifth Harmony Stan

    You can't make this stuff up.

    If there's three things that I've learned during my time at BuzzFeed, it's that The Dress is white and gold, the fitness tea the Kardashians hawk on Instagram isn't as bad as it sounds, and you should never EVER fuck with stan accounts on Twitter.

    "Stans" are basically superfans of an artist or celebrity — think Lady Gaga's Little Monsters, Rihanna's Navy, and Pinterest subscribers for Taylor Swift.

    Stan wars — when different stan groups get in fights online — are pretty much a fact of life in 2017. Remember when straight icon Ed Sheeran quit Twitter a week ago? That was because of Little Monsters!

    So it didn't surprise me when I came across a total stan bloodbath on Twitter the other day. At this point, I'm used to it. What DID surprise me was who was fighting who. This wasn't Navy vs. Hive, or Britney fans vs. Gaga fans. Oh no. It was something much, much crazier.


    It was a fan account for The Sims — YES, THE COMPUTER GAME — that was getting attacked by a Fifth Harmony/Camila Cabello stan. It all started when @TheSimCommunity tweeted out a link to "The Sims Through the Years":

    The Sims Through the Years: 10th July

    Then, things got messy when @cc1vinyl — a stan account for Fifth Harmony, Dinah Jane (5H member), and Camila Cabello (former 5H member) stepped into the ring with this bold statement:

    Then, The Sims account clapped back hard, bringing up Camila's single "Crying in the Club" which...hasn't charted well.

    If there's ONE thing about stan accounts you know, it's that they love — LOVE — bringing up sales.

    The 5H/Camila account retaliated quickly...

    @TheSimCommunity Still in the Billboard Hot 100, and Sims 4? Never entered

    ...but you know The Sims account wasn't going to stay quiet for long.

    @cc1vinyl TS4 outsold Fifth Harmony's entire career

    What's hilarious about this whole ordeal can't REALLY logically compare computer game sales against album sales.

    @TheSimCommunity Fifth Harmony has hits. Sims 4 expansion packs can't relate

    Like...they're two totally different mediums!

    @cc1vinyl Get to Work and Get Together say hi (City Living however flopped equally as 7/27)

    But, I've got to give it to both accounts...

    @TheSimCommunity 7/27 peaked at #4 BB200 and sold 1.5+ million worldwide. Sims 4 stuff packs combined can't even pass 500,000. Try again

    ...they came ready to fight...

    @cc1vinyl Meanwhile 3 #TheSims4 games are charting in Origin's Top 10 selling try again sweaty

    ...with a PURSE full of receipts!

    Put "Sunmer discount, flop!" on my gravestone.

    Like, can we get these two masterminds hired for like, the FBI or NSA or something? We'd all feel a lot safer in their hands.

    Things LOOKED like they had simmered down for a moment when The Sims account acknowledged that they actually were a fan of "Crying in the Club"...

    @rc_roisin @cc1vinyl CITC is actually in my most played chill 💅

    ...but when another user also acknowledged Tove Lo was in their top played, the 5H/Camila account stepped over one boundary too many, and was CLOCKED.

    Of course, other people were LIVING for the fact that two random accounts were going at it online...


    Some thought that The Sims had the last laugh...

    ...because they were pouring up a PIPING mugful of Earl Grey tea.

    @braviiary @brotherofpablo Did the sims account lie though?

    In the end COULD there be any real losers in this fight? IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

    (Even though the 5H/Camila account admitted it might have all been in jest...)

    Amy, take a chill pill. It was made for humor purposes. But stay pressed that my @ and tweets are everywhere. Jealo…

    Anyway, that's that on that! Have a good one, y'all.


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