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Dear USA, Wake The Fuck Up And Start Realizing "Chantaje" >>>> "Despacito"

The better song should win in the end.

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The other day, I had a revelation:

Woke up with a clear mind and a revelation: Chantaje >>>>>> Despacito.


Now, people, I understand. I am a dumb white person who ages like sour cream. I am obviously behind on the the times and worthy of this dragging...but oftentimes Americans need reeducation.

You see, while North America is jizzing themselves for "Despacito," a better song is just in the shadows that was a HUGE HIT just about everywhere else. That song is called "Chantaje" and it is fucking awesome.

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Also, before we get problematic, I understand that there is room for many, many Spanish songs in the US — I'm just picking this example because I really, really, REALLY love "Chantaje."


End of story and thank you for your time. #SupportChantaje

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