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    21 Problems You'll Only Get If You Have Shitty Eyebrows

    "Delete that pic of me, I don't have my brows on."

    1. You will never be defined as "eyebrow goals".

    Fotojog / Getty Images

    I asked Santa for new eyebrows OK - it's not my fault he didn't deliver.

    2. Quotes like this become your mantra.

    *sheds tear* It's just so inspiring.

    3. You understand the difference having brows can make.

    The Curious Case of the Disappearing Brows.

    4. You pretend like you're not salty that cartoon characters have better brows than you.

    Disney / Via

    No I don't want to build a fucking snowman if his brows will be better than mine.

    5. Scrolling through your Instagram feed and feeling personally victimised by how good your friends brows look.

    AMC / Via


    6. You'll never understand how YouTube beauty gurus can make it look so EASY.

    7. Because their instructions on how to define your brows mean NOTHING to you.

    Do I even HAVE an arch????

    8. You're always having to get your eyebrows tinted.


    TBH you should just get your mail forwarded you're at the salon so often.

    9. You never realised just how truly expressionless your face looked without brows.

    Mother of Dragons aka the Mother of Eyebrows.

    10. You always have to worry about someone messing with your brow makeup...


    Acceptable grounds for divorce, imo.

    11. ...because you spent so long trying to get them on point.

    Chezburger / Via

    It's a process.

    12. You swear half of your pay cheque goes straight to brow products alone.


    Single handedly keeping Benefit in business since '94.

    13. You always get dragged for being late.

    These brows do not happen on their own OK.

    14. You've totally considered shaving your eyebrows and having them tattooed on.


    But the thought of having them there forever is scary AF.

    15. Your eyebrow-blessed friends always offer to give you a makeover just to prove they can "fix your brows".

    Can't we all just move on and accept it?

    16. But you secretly love it as it gives you a chance to use them as a method of seduction.

    NBC / Via

    That's how Wills met Kate right?

    17. You have constant anxiety you'll be the subject of a brutal subtweet...

    Just @ me next time.

    18. ...or that someone will get you this merch with this on it for Christmas


    Almost as bad as being asked "Do you have a boyfriend yet?" tbh.

    19. But at least you don't have to go through the pain of waxing or threading as often...

    Much / Via

    20. ...and if they mess it up, no worries. Nobody can see your brows on the best of days

    BuzzFeed / Via

    21. But you'd be lying if you said you weren't waiting for invisible brows to become a trend

    It could happen right?