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17 Times Being Pregnant In Public Was Downright Hilarious AF

Because sometimes all you can do is laugh.

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1. "I was standing in line at Jack in the Box when my tummy started to rumble..."

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A small, deadly fart squeaked out of my butt and smelled so bad it triggered my nausea and made me throw up. But the force of the vomit was too much and I shit my pants. So I stood there covered in my own shit and puke, crying my eyes out.



4. "My doctor asked me to do a 24-hour urine collection, so I brought the jug to work in a backpack and stashed it under the counter in the ladies' room. Someone reported a mysterious backpack in the restroom and building management called the police..."


They had evacuated half of the floor before I found out, and I had to waddle up to reception and explain that the mysterious backpack was actually a jug of my own pee.



7. "I hated seeing items in odds instead of pairs because I personified inanimate objects..."


So when my boyfriend and I were at the grocery store, I had an ugly, deep snot-crying breakdown, because he only grabbed one apple juice, leaving only one on the shelf and separating them. We went home with two liters of apple juice.


8. "I was at the grocery store and I couldn't stop farting..."


I was running down the aisle as fast as my little legs would take me sounding like a motor. And it stank. Lord be to jaysus it stank. –Natasha Lynn, Facebook

9. "I was at Target and started getting dizzy and nauseous, so I quickly grabbed a Clif Bar and a Powerade and sprawled out on the display couch in the furniture section, pants undone, eating and sweating..."

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I saw a few Target employees staring at me so I just waved and told them I was pregnant. –Amy Whitaker, Facebook


12. "I lived in constant fear of my water breaking in public so my aunt told me to carry around a jar of pickles and if my water broke to smash the jar over the puddle and claim it was an accident..."


Well, I carried a jar of pickles in my purse all winter and when I finally went into labor I carried my pickle jar into the hospital. After my son was born, the nurses swaddled up my jar and handed it to me.


14. "I was checking out at the grocery store when my milk suddenly came in (I was shocked since I was still pregnant!). I had two big, giant wet spots around my boobs on my shirt and no way of covering it."


15. "At the end of my criminal law class one day, I stood up and an enormous gush of fluid splattered all over the wood floor..."

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Everyone thought my water broke and started freaking out but I had actually involuntarily peed myself. It was super awkward when I came back to class two days later still pregnant.


17. "At a store checkout, a contraction hit and I grabbed my husband's behind...hard..."


The gentleman behind us said, "Oh Lord honey, what'd he do to piss you off?" I mumbled "contraction". Then he said "Well, buddy, cover your balls when the real labor starts, something tells me she won't hesitate to grab those when the opportunity presents itself!"


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