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    Updated on 14 May 2019. Posted on 12 Jul 2017

    21 Scenarios That Will Have You And Your Long-Distance BFF Saying "OMG US"

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

    1. You're rarely online at the same time.

    Disney / Via

    *Checks Facebook* Active 8 hours ago, greaaaat.

    2. So instead of instant replies, your conversations span AT LEAST a week.

    Buzzfeed / Via

    And that hilarious meme you're waiting for them to respond to... yeah that reply isn't coming for awhile.

    3. Coordinating Skype schedules is also confusing AF.

    Nationality Unknown / Via Facebook: nationality.unknown

    Okay so you add 8 hours, minus one for daylight savings and... it's 3am your time. FML.

    4. And when you actually Skype, it's only then that your Internet decides to be suuuuper flakey and not connect.

    Channel 4 / Via


    5. When you finally get to having a real conversation with them, you don't pay attention to anything else.

    BBC / Via

    Because no one else matters more TBH.

    6. You constantly ask each other when you're going to hurry up and come visit because the separation is getting too much.

    Open Road Films / Via

    7. Talking about your favourite TV shows is pretty much a no-go because one of you always has spoilers.

    FOX / Via

    You almost spoiled the ending of Pretty Little Liars for them and they threatened to not speak to you for a week.

    8. You sometimes find yourself checking the weather in their part of the world.

    Chris Slowik / Via

    Ah, sunny day. Good weather for that hike they were planning.

    9. You constantly stumble across old photos and remind yourself of an inside joke you share.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    And of course it always happens on the train where everyone gives you major side-eye for laughing so loud.

    10. When it comes to social media you're basically each other's #1 follower...

    The Worst of Tumblr / Via Facebook: LeWorstOfTumblr

    11. ...meaning that you can go a week or so without talking, but you both know you're still thinking about one another.

    Warner Bros/Tumblr / Via

    However, no longer than a week please - you need your bestie fix.

    12. Your Instagram is filled with #TBT posts of when you two were last together.

    NBC/Tumblr / Via

    Which always make you smile at all the good times you've had together.

    13. Birthdays, holidays, or anything special you want to post are written HOURS in advance of their actual celebration.

    Disney / Via

    Better to be early than late and miss that important day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    14. You've both had to celebrate big achievements without having each other by your side.

    Disney / Via

    THE WORST 😣.

    15. But TBH the more time you spend apart, the more you learn to appreciate one another.

    CW / Via

    You're just really lucky to have your BFF in your life. Plain and simple.

    16. You'll chuck a love react when you see pictures of them with their ~other friends~ who aren't you.

    Geek And Sundry / Via

    Even though you lowkey feel left out.

    17. You can't stop bragging to your other friends about your BFF and the wonderful things they're doing...

    ABC / Via

    Yeah, my best friend who lives in FRANCE... they've done that like three times already you know.

    18. ...which often means other people know every single detail about them.

    MTV / Via

    Your best friend is amazing and everyone deserves to know that. Duh.

    19. Especially when you show off the heartfelt mail and care packages they send.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    *Cue the flood of tears and wholesome appreciation for one another*

    20. And even though you miss them every single day...

    Nickelodeon/Tumblr / Via

    21. know that being on opposite time zones is no biggie because you'll always be BFFs.

    Giphy / Via

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