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Morgan Murrell • 5 hours ago
Nora Dominick • 5 days ago

9 Stories Ben Platt Told Us That Will Make Any Theater Kid Feel SEEN

"I basically copied the way he sang and that's how I learned to sing..."

Jen Abidor • 17 days ago

Stassi Schroeder Will Never Go Brunette Again And Other Things We Learned From Her "Burning Questions" Interview

We asked one of reality TV's greatest characters about her time on The Amazing Race, Queen Bees, and of course, Vanderpump Rules.

Whitney Jefferson • 26 days ago

The "PLL: The Perfectionists" Cast Found Out Which Characters They Really Are And It Was Amazing

The cast swung by and found out which characters they truly are too!

Nora Dominick • One month ago

Sofia Carson Said The "Descendants" Group Chat Is Still A Thing And Shared Their Most Recent Text Exchange

"After the shoot, Dove texted a photo of the car right in front of her."

Jen Abidor • One month ago
Jen Abidor • One month ago
Nora Dominick • 2 months ago

Nicole Scherzinger Gave Us All The Tea On "The Masked Singer"

"We can say whatever the flip we want."

Ryan Schocket • 3 months ago

Lana Condor Answered Questions While Playing With Puppies And It Was Amazing

"I wanted to show younger girls someone who looks like themselves on camera so that they believe they can do it too."

Nora Dominick • 3 months ago

The Queens Of "RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 4" Find Out Which Cast Member They Really Are

Take our sickening quiz along with Valentina, Gia Gunn, Trinity the Tuck, Manila Luzon, and Farrah Moan.

Brian Galindo • 5 months ago

Sabrina Carpenter Answered Questions While Playing With Puppies And It's As Perfect As It Sounds

"I went up to Zac Efron...and I told him that I liked his work."

Jen Abidor • 5 months ago
Christian Zamora • 6 months ago
Syd Robinson • 6 months ago

All Of Our "The Haunting Of Hill House" Questions Answered By Carla Gugino

"The horror genre is a beautiful kind of way to allow us to talk about a lot of very real things in a heightened way."

Nora Dominick • 6 months ago
Jen Abidor • 6 months ago
Morgan Murrell • 7 months ago
Matt Stopera • 7 months ago

Trixie Mattel Shared Her First Times With Us And Her Answers Are Hilarious

"Paul Rudd, if you're out there, I'm available as a loved one or hired help."

Ryan Schocket • 7 months ago
Jen Abidor • 7 months ago