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    Jane Levy Sharing Her First Times Will Make You Fall In Love With Her A Million Times More

    "I always just thought Lauren [Graham] was very chic."

    In honor of Jane Levy's new show Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, we had her swing by BuzzFeed to share some of her first times with us.

    From her first memories of filming to her first impressions of Lauren Graham and Peter Gallagher, she shared it all!

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    The first song she filmed for Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist was "All I Do Is Win."

    The first song she learned all the lyrics to was "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies.

    Her first on-set memory with Skylar Astin was probably "talking shit."

    Her first impression of Peter Gallagher was feeling like he was her dad after seeing him as Sandy Cohen on The O.C.

    And she'd met Lauren Graham through their mutual friend Mae Whitman and always thought Lauren was ~very chic~.

    Finally, her first onscreen kiss was with Cameron Monaghan when she played Mandy on Shameless.

    So if you love fun, be sure to catch Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on NBC.