11 Reasons That You Are Actually Matt Bellassai

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    If you don't know Matt Bellassai, you 100% should. He is a beautiful creature. He is nominated for a People's Choice Award! Here he is getting drunk at his desk at work.

    It turns out that, after tuning in every week to watch Matt get drunk and complain, people have started to realize that they are, in fact, Matt Bellassai.

    I am Matt Bellassai, Matt Bellassai is me.

    I have just realized that I am @MattBellassai and I'm not even mad about it

    We've done some research and this is what we've found:

    It's true. You are Matt Bellassai. Here is the proof.

    1. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of alone time.

    2. You know that being an adult is so overrated.

    3. Even the thought of exercising makes you nauseous.

    4. You know that being in a relationship is not as good as being wine drunk.

    5. You think people need to quit posting pictures of of their wrinkly babies on Instagram.

    6. Nothing stands between you and your carbs.

    7. Sometimes, your thirst is too real.

    8. You know that your hard work will pay off.

    9. Sometimes, going out is your worst nightmare.

    10. You aren't afraid to let people know how you feel about them.

    11. And finally, to be completely honest, you're just a warm, flaky pastry.

    Voting for The People's Choice Awards closes tomorrow AT MIDNIGHT!

    So, make Matt Bellassai's drunk little heart happy and be sure to vote for him to be the next People's Choice Social Media Star!

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