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    Gavin Leatherwood Hilariously Reacted To Thirsty Tweets About Him And His "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" Character

    "I like the use of 'bussy.'"

    If you're a fan of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you're certainly no stranger to a verrrrrrrrrrrrry handsome warlock who goes by the name Nicholas Scratch.

    So, let's just say that when CAOS's Gavin Leatherwood came in to read thirst tweets about himself and his character...things heated up very quickly.

    Here's how it all went down:

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    gavin leatherwood is hot asf n i wanna suck his peepee 😏


    Okay so Nicholas Scratch saying "Call me Daddy" has made me moister than an oyster.


    mr gavin leatherwood choke the life out of me then set me on fire 😩✊


    gavin leatherwood could punch me in the face and key my car and I would be grateful for the experience


    here's my daily gavin leatherwood thirst tweet: he can slice me with his jawline and I'd say thank you



    i would like to have it known that gavin leatherwood deserves to be gently tucked into bed every night with a kiss on the forehead.


    gavin leatherwood spit in my unholy mouth


    this is your daily reminder that im a hole for gavin leatherwood


    Gavin leatherwood please fill me with that satanic cum I want it to boil in my hole so hot I can make a stew let me carry your demonic seed and let it sprout through my body and Kill me praise Satan


    idc if you’re a man or woman or straight or gay or a bird or a mf table,, we’d all fuck nicholas scratch


    Gavin Leatherwood is the most stunning man on earth sorry I don't make the rules


    gavin leatherwood don’t block me but i wanna suck your dick


    @gtleatherwood if you want to beat up a bussy anytime soon i’m free most thursdays


    Gavin Leatherwood's bulge thoooooooooooo. He can choke me anytimeeeee.


    I knows Gavin Leatherwood plays a 16 year old on Sabrina but he’s 25 in real life and I would let him split me open!


    gavin leatherwood let me swallow ur babies


    Someone: how gay are you? Me: I’m drawing Gavin Leatherwood’s abs at 3 AM

    If you're in the mood to thirst over Gavin just a liiiiiiiiiittle bit more, head on over to Netflix and watch him in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.