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    These Are The 13 Trends You Couldn't Miss In 2017

    Let me twirl this fidget spinner while I sip on my unicorn frappuccino.

    Like it or not, years usually come to be defined by the interesting (and at times odd) trends that made their way into popular culture that year.

    Take a look at all of 2017's trends in review!

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    #1. The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

    #2. The "romphim," aka the romper for men

    #3. That infamous Pepsi commercial starring Kendall Jenner

    #4. That huge women's march where millions participated

    #5. Wonder Woman premiered in June

    #6. Who could forget the total eclipse in August?

    #7. Then there was the remake of IT, based on Stephen King's classic thriller.

    #8. What about that whole Instagram slime thing?

    #9. Salt Bae sprinkling salt with flair to spare

    #10. The "Floor is Lava" challenge

    #11. Remember April the giraffe who gave birth live on Facebook?

    #12. How about Bitcoin making a comeback in a big way?

    #13. And we cannot forget those fidget spinners!

    What trends did we miss?