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    Lucy Hale Answered All Of Our Burning Questions, And For That We Are Eternally Grateful

    "We have a couple of people from Riverdale that come on Katy Keene and also can't say, but I think some of them are already leaked..."

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    To celebrate the release of Katy Keene and Fantasy Island, Lucy Hale popped into BuzzFeed to answer some of our burning questions!

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    We found out what it was like filming the Riverdale/Katy Keene crossover, which song she'd sing at Molly's Crisis, and which ~familiar faces~ we may see in upcoming episodes of Katy Keene.

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    What was it like filming the Riverdale/Katy Keene crossover with Camila Mendes?


    "It was amazing! Katy Keene takes place like five years in the future. So in order for Katy to go to Riverdale, I had to go back in time to become a teenager. And it was really fun. Cami is amazing."

    Do you prefer acting in movies or TV shows, and why?


    "Most of my work has been in TV. And that's cool because you get to live with the character for a lot longer. There's a lot of structure and stability. But movies are cool because you can walk around and play different characters. I've been lucky so far that I get to do both, which is really great."

    If you could bring one PLL character to Katy Keene, who would it be and why?


    "Hanna Marin would fit in well in the Katy Keene world, you know? Hanna was always into fashion on PLL and Katy's in fashion. That'd be cool."

    What song would you sing at Molly's Crisis?


    "What would Katy sing? She would sing 'Material Girl' by Madonna or something about clothes and fashion. Lucy with single Alanis Morissette... 'You Oughta Know.'"

    Do you have any ideas for future crossovers with Riverdale or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Or can you tell us if we'll see any more crossovers in the future?


    "One of the actors on Sabrina is on Katy Keene. I can't say who he plays. We have a couple of people from Riverdale that come on Katy Keene and also can't say, but I think some of them are already leaked, like Hiram Lodge."

    Do you have any stories from filming Katy Keene with Ashleigh Murray?


    "I mean, she's the best. We always have a blast, and it's so cool that her character is being showcased on Katy Keene. We really get to showcase her, her music, and she sings like an angel. She's so sweet. We have the best time."

    People often compare PLL with Riverdale. Do you think they're similar?


    "People do compare. People compared PLL to Twin Peaks and stuff. There's always going to be comparisons. You always draw inspiration from other things. And I think it's flattering."

    Which project of yours would you rewatch right now if you had to?


    "I don't like watching my work, but Katy Keene is really fun. I'm really proud of it. Fantasy Island is coming out, too, and that's really fun in a completely different way."

    What's your favorite outfit from Katy Keene so far?


    "It's in the finale. It's a feathered dress that makes a heart around my head. It's really hard to explain, but it's very cool."

    Which TV shows are you currently obsessed with?


    "I just finished Cheer. Where is Jerry? I need Jerry in my life. I love Morgan. I watched that show and I'm like, 'How did they put their bodies through that? So impressive.' And Schitt's Creek? Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm watching."

    Besides Josie, which Riverdale character would you love to make a cameo on Katy Keene?


    "Archie. He's a boxer K.O., who Katie is dating, is a boxer. And Archie also has storylines with Josie. So that would make sense [if he made a cameo]."

    Who do you relate to more: Katy Keene or Aria Montgomery from PLL?


    "I would say Katy because her story of chasing her dreams and wanting to become a designer reminded me a lot of my story of moving to LA and wanting to become an actress. We both have the same kind of optimism for life. Funnily enough, Katie and Aria are both very romantic, which I am not, so that's how we differ. But I see a lot of myself in Katy, for sure."

    Finally, would you rather spend a day fighting crime with Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead OR fight a demon with Sabrina Spellman?


    "Sabrina is a badass. I feel like that would be so fun. And that's something I have never taken on in the acting world."

    Want more Lucy Hale in your life? Watch Katy Keene Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/7 CT on The CW and check out Fantasy Island in theaters now.

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