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Disney Apparently Can't Find A Single Actor To Play Aladdin, So People Gave Them All The Options

"There is literally an entire second most populous country in the world with an industry of men who dance and sing!"

Hollywood has always had a reputation for whitewashing, aka casting actors in roles meant for ethnicities they don't belong to.

So when Disney put out a global casting call for its live-action remake of Aladdin back in March, things were looking up.

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Guy Ritchie production is struggling to find a lead for the project even four months into the process.

Let that sink in. Disney can't find even one man who fits that description to star in a musical.

People have been politely pointing out to them that India is a country with literally thousands of legit actors who fulfil this criteria.

And they've been bombarding them with suggestions on who they could potentially cast.

Priyanka Chopra as Princess Jasmine and Dev Patel as Aladdin would have the whole world shooK!

how is disney having trouble casting Alladin when Avan Jogia was literally born for the role??? the man can sing,…

"Disney is reportedly struggling to find its Aladdin" @zaynmalik

@Beccamford #HrithikRoshan is the Perfect Choice to play Alladin

The bazillions of options put forth have varied from Riz Ahmed to Fawad Khan, a man who has actually played a prince in a Disney production, Khoobsurat, before.

If this man is not a prince, then no man is. And yes, I take it very personally that Fawad isn't already the Alladi…

Of course, a lot of people have pointed out that casting an Indian would also be inappropriate as Aladdin is a Middle Eastern character.

But, as many others suggested, there are much worse ways in which this whole situation could play out.